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    I was heading south, going to Oudom Xie, Laos., A mobile call told me the three friends I had initially rode with through Cambo, but left to ride solo in Laos, were now headed there. We would meet up and exchange stories and of course lies, before heading our separate ways.

    The road into Oudum Xie is paved, except for a number of short dirt/rocky stretches which lacked paving. I was crusing along in 5th gear, of the bike's 6-gears and approaching the outskirts of Oudom. I began to slow down, braking and when I tried to downshift my foot I couldn't find the gear shifter. WTF?? I looked down...and the gear shift lever was gone!! It evidently had fallen off somewhere back while I bounced over the rocky sections!

    I went to two moto shops and each tried to see of the standard toe/heel moto shifter would fit the shaft from the transmission on my bike. If either had, they would've just cut off the back (heel) piece of the moto shifter and all would be good. Alas, a moto shifter didn't fit. I stopped at moto dealer and they just waved me off, but not without suggesting another moto repair shop towards the south end of town, on the east side of the road.

    I found the 'Star Vui' shop (no signage) to be a rather dismal looking moto shop. My hopes were further waning. I found the owner, a Vietnamese gal, who weirdly wore a beige bra on the outside of her shirt! She called over one of her Lao mechanics, who spoke a some English. I explained and pointed out my problem to him. He went into the shop, scrounged around and soon appeared with a new black anodyzed shift lever for big bikes...and it fit!! Hallelujah..!!!

    Cost for the shift lever, a chain adjustment and lube...a mere 60,000-Kip, ($6)!!

    The shop may not be able to help anyone with any other major problem,
    but they are worth a try if you are stuck in Oudom Xie!.
    Below is a picture of the shop:
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    CDRW - Classic story. Would love to read more of your trip. Get your fingers typiing :) .
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    But where is the photo of the gal with the bra on the outside??? are you sure she wasn't really Supergirl???

  4. cdrw

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    'daewoo' can borrow my reading glasses....

    The gal is in the center of the photo...wearing a white hat and her beige bra is over her black shirt.
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    You havent quite got the photo insertion right yet.
    Whilst your inserting the url / hyperlink ok, you still need to bracket the link with the image tags
    For me, the image tags you get by clicking on the insert image button, 4th from the right on the format tool bar at the top, when you edit the post. Copy & paste the hyperlink in, then highlight it, then click on insert image & you should be away.
    Use the preview function before posting to check it is ok.
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    OOOpppss... I see now...

    Doesn't look like she would be much of a match for Lex Luthor though [:)] ...
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    Thanks for the help on inserting photos...
    I think I've got it I also corrected the links to photos in the "North Thailand" forum, in post called 'Leaving Laos>...>.......'

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