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  1. Looking at the Husky TE610 as a potential upgrade to the DRZ
    Trying to figure out costs/logistics to import a new one to Cambodia

    USA seems to have cheapest retail price worldwide due to their market share and falling dollar, eg US $2 to $3K less than Ozzy prices depending on recent forex swings

    Momos in Malaysia sell husky's...still waiting on a price....expect its not cheap although buying one there, registering it and riding it in to Cambodia could be an option.....depending on costs...eligibility to register a bike in Malaysia

    any husky riders/importers out there?
  2. Mark
    Thanks for the Singapore lead
    Do you have an email and/or website for Joseph Lea ?

    you're correct re BMW buying Husky ... pstry=157_

    Suppose it will be a while before they sell them out of BMW Thailand, and probably very expensive compared to other countries ?
  3. Haven't tried the Joe Lea number yet but got a quote from Momos in Malaysia
    They only have a 2005 SM610 model in stock (dont know if used or not)and want US $14000 for it including onroad costs.
    Thats ~double the US price for a 2007 model!!
    Seems like they have some hefty tax rules in Malaysia?

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