Hypermotard 796

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  1. I have one on order in Bangkok. Is anyone else here riding one? How do you like it for Thailand?

    I have some modifications planned when I get the bike, would like to chat with others about what they might have done with their bikes, and how Ducati events and the community are here in Bangkok.
  2. Lucky Man!!! I want one but can't Justify the Purchase of another Expensive Big bike! I doubt if there are many on the Road Yet and I would Guess most will be Thai owned?. A Decent Termi Exhaust System and Re-Map should be about all it needs to free it up I would Guess? The Stock Seat on the 1100 Hyper was Terrible I hope the 796 is improved? The Ducati Guys should be able to help You in regards to the Community Events although they have a little re-organisation to do after the Tragic passing of Chum. Where are You based? West here in Chiang Mai is waiting for His New Multi-Strada but He gets down to Bangkok, Rayong and also goes to the Track often. Enjoy Your Bike.
  3. I am based in Bangkok.

    I have to wait until the beginning of Nov to get the Black and White model I want. Until then I will be doing some studying up on the bike and different mods people have done. I know for sure I will get the Termi exhaust upgrade. Debating the 2 into 1, or the carbon 2 into 2. I like the single pipe, but don't want the thing too loud.

    Ducati makes a "Performance" seat. I am not sure how much more or less comfortable it is or isn't. I read one article that said they just took out some seat foam to make the 796 a little lower. Personally I like tall bikes since I am 6' 2", and don't have issues touching the ground on high bikes.

    Look forward to take it on some trips up North next winter.
  4. Reimund (HyperRai) on ThaiVisa rides a Hypermotard and has quite a few mods on the bike. From the times I've ridden with him, the only negative I've noticed is that the handlebars can be a little wide for Bangkok traffic, especially with the hand guards.
    Check out the Ducati Thailand website for organised activities. There was talk back at the Bangkok Bike Fest this year of organising a Ducati Owners Club but I've heard nothing since.
    Many western Duc owners I know work offshore so arranging rides can be rather tricky. I occasionally ride with Thais of the Ducati Club Chonburi run by K. Pang based out of Bang Saen. He organises the Ducati display at the excellent annual Bang Saen Bike Week. You may have your bike in time for that!
    But a 4 month wait! Ouch!

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