I am bored is there anything intersting to do?

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  1. yep I have been back in Thailand only 2 weeks .Got my bike fixed and running although I need a Powercommander !! and iam bored stiff, its all so predictable , in UK there was aleays something different going on .any ideas, I am bored with Golf,bars ,TV, books girls ,temples, beaches sports and now even riding my bike .

    Cant wait to go back to work honestly
  2. ...you kidding, right?
  3. You can't be serious, but if you are: try a trip to Laos - North or South - & making a full road & trip report.
  4. Yes I am serious , i am so bored i want to sell my bikes car house etc and leave if only it was that simple to do i would be gone today . of course it isnt , i got kids in school, property and my wife has her business.

    Laos been there it was much the same as Thailand and cambodia just as boring , I got to go to PI next month for work but , out here in Asia for 14 years i am missing European culture and activities.
    I just spent 4 month in UK for the first time in 10 years and enjoyed myself actually did not want to come back.
  5. that is serious, and understandble,
    anyone can / may reach this point .
    Now tell us what are you expecting from this commumity ??
    Sounds as if there is no cure, right?

    Is it it just a cry of misery into the void or are you expecting an equally serious honest exchange on a subject that may well be dorment in
    a number of us.

    What does make you tick? Culture is too broad. Curiosity of what ??

  6. Come on Monsterman,

    You asked me for a beer yesterday on mail and I answered but the answer was delayed by hotmail but I am still open for a beer or even more... Maybe we can find a common interest in the Rockers sociaty or we can talk about old english Cafe racers....

    Your Friend Hiko who you never met
  7. Hi Monsterman,
    I agree with you it is Great to go back home but to actually Live there again??? That is different! After 14 Years you and alot of us are in the same Boat. While on My Trips back to NZ (about every 4 years) it is great to catch up with Friends and Tour around but after any length of Time for some reason i get bored with a few things:
    1, Stupid Speed Limits! Speed Camera's!
    2, Can't go down the Road for a Beer as you can't get home again!
    3, No one does anything all week except work, No social life!
    4, Everything Closes early!
    5, No Restaurants within any close Vicinity!
    6, High costs!
    7, The Bloody Weather!!!!!!!
    I could go on. I used to think about going back but what would i do? Alot of +++ but also alot of ----. I have Children also and i am pretty confident they are getting a Better Education here (at Prem International School) than i could find in NZ, of course it is costing me but it is all relative. Take a Break or go on Holiday. Trouble with us is we are all Spoilt, "You can't Miss what you Never Had" Most people would Swap their Life for ours on the Spot so make the Best of it. Hope you overcome your Meloncoly. We all feel it sometimes and are Looking for More. All the Best Mate!
    Cheers Ian.
  8. Actually what you need is a Techlusion TFI then you can play with it yourself and not be bored.
    I started a new business not to be bored, well OK the money is necessary but I could have just got a normal job, now I am not bored but have no time[V]. Be careful what you wish for[;)]
  9. I guess I have to move around a bit my wife once said I should spend a month in Thailand a month in UK and a month somewhere I have never been . I like travelling but not for pleasure these days i much prefer to go and work, which my jobs tend to allow.But I am finding Asia too limited in its cultural aspects , in Europe there is architechture ,history, art,music, sports ,museums, vehicle collections , more choice of everything,also now a days i dont feel as welcome in Asia as i used to be, life used to be easy and good natured here now its a jungle, i actually felt happier on my 4 month trip to England and holland and had real misgivings about coming home which the last 3 weeks have born out.

    My wife and daughter have a great life here , my wife who is Thai we have been married 10 years also loves England ,

    but my wife see's my boredom and restlessness and it scares her.of course i have mucked about with other women here but my wife takes that in her stride ,but i have lost interest in the bars and women as well.I am embarking on a career change for work but when at home here is when I am bored shitless.

    My main socialising is with work , and a few old friends , i guess i shoild widen my circle .
  10. MIKE RUST what is a Techlusion PFI is it the same a Powercard?

    PICO PICO you are right on the ball , maybe i just need some friendship and inspiration.

    HIKO my phone is 0866141903 call , forget the Email the local internet has been poor all week.

    anyone else can call me if u want to .
  11. Message for Ian - one day I would like to discuss/debate with you the merits of your statement that your kids are receiving a better education at Prem than you could find for them in NZ.
    Even the headmasters at my son's current International School in CNX (not Prem!) have told me privately when I questioned them on this very subject that despite the quality of education available for those who can afford it here there is no doubt that an education in my home country offers more opportunities for their future, and will challenge the kids more in terms of the standard and expectations than anything in Thailand. And that certainly applies to Tertiary Education without doubt as well.
    And besides that, looking longer term, what are the prospects in 20 years time for our kids whose only education has been in Thailand? One month in Thailand can aptly provide the answer and I've been here 11 years.
    So back to Monsterman's boredom,while that sometimes happens to me I agree with Ian that there are positives and negatives on anywhere you might live. What's best for you is what matters.
    At this point in my life I am happy in CNX. Everytime I go back to Oz I come away with the same feelings as Ian. The more often I go back (3-4 times per year) the less I like it. The less often I go back (once per year) the more I seem to miss some things.
    My biggest dilemma is my son's education,especially when it's time for secondary school and university or a trade or whatever. That's another thing - qualified tradesmen are in short supply in Oz and salaries are high.
    I hate the prospect of my son earning a "good" Thai salary of say 25,000 baht per month. My idea is that each successive generation should be more successful than the last, but unless there is some huge amount of luck to come his way it ain't gonna happen in Thailand. The Thai-Chinese have all the best businesses sewn up and if you start one they like you might just lose it.
    And as a male luuk krung Thai my son has the enviable prospect of being drafted in to the Army for the compulsory 2 years military service. Has anybody done any homework on what happens to these kids in the Army? It's bad enough for poor Thai kids!
    The Land of Smiles is not the Land of Opportunity. Maybe money won't make him happy (that's what his mother tries to teach him) but neither she nor him have ever wanted for it.
    Sorry for the waffling on!
  12. Hi JohhnyE,
    Welcome to call in any time for a chat, I was semi pointing at the Public School System in NZ. My Friend Pays more than me for his Kids in a International School in NZ but thinks i get a Better Deal. At Prem it is an Internationally Recognised System and they mix with Multiple Cultures. My Daughter can Speak Fluent Thai, English and some Japanese and Chinese. She is not yet 6 years old!!!Alot of Rich Thai's send their Kids there also so you could considering it Networking for your Childrens Future. Not everyone is so lucky but i am Confident that my Children will have the Very Best of Opportunities here and be on Equal Terms in NZ. As for the Army Drafting, it can be Paid off to avoid Service, Common Practice. Back to the Topic, nice to have time out or a break from anywhere we live but just make the best of it where ever we happen to be. I just got back from Phuket, i used to live there but Glad to be in Chiang Mai now, Nothing stays the Same. All the Best.
    Cheers Ian.
  13. Hi johhnyE and Ian , about the education system, my daughter is nearly 8 she goes to BEST (BEAST) which is a billingual half internatonal school in Pattaya , she is fluent in both Thai and English great at maths and some science can read Thai well but weaker in English,but i think in years to come she will not get as broad and education as a UK school. I take her to UK twice a year for a montheach time and she travels widely . she is already a Blue belt at Taekwondo and a good piano player and sports woman.

    I doubt she would have so many activities in the UK , due to time and cost .When she is older i may let her go to school in UK or a full international school if funds allow ,She likes going to museums in the UK, science ,natural history, etc and her horizons are not limited by Thai cultural thinking that is the main thing . She is both Thai and English and thinks primarily like a farang which is probably the main advantage you can give your kids.
    Finally I went to one of the best grammar schools in the UK and it did me untold harm, put me off academic education nearly for life.
    but i have adapted to the world and been relativly succesful.
  14. I ´m smiling, sounds to me you are bored because things are going unchallenging well, no real fights to fight.


    I have been thinking myself how and if I could introduce just a tiny bit of interest in arts in Phuket. When I went to a second hand book shop here, I found real, real English treasures, totally unexpected. That told me that there must be some really interesting guys on this island.

    Plus looking at the vast experience of the GTR community, the diversity of interest. Is there a way to put this network to other uses but bike riding?? Should be.

    You said= cant wait to work.

    Does anyone know the little but often cited book = THE TIPPING POINT?

    In what way could GTR become a tipping point?
    Teach Thai kids, what ?
    save driving


    There should be things to do HERE which have a value, real work with real not necessarily monetary rewards.


    PS= I dont mind to get into another "heavy thread" because I believe this board is broadminded enough.
  15. Well I think everybody goes through this from time to time, but at least in my case it's in me not the location I'm at. My answer seem to always come from some sort of project, that benefits someone else. Last year I hit one of those points and worked at getting a entire orphanage to a piad for 4th of July Party. Hero not hardly I got back more then I gave. I didn't throw money at the problem, I could have just paid for it, but I did a fund raaiser, in the farrang community and Thai community, a a result 186 kids went to a party. I learned a different respect for my comminity. I was also exhaiusted frustrated to no end in getting all these people to work together But, I was'nt bored and havent been since.

    The answer is not in Thailand or Europe it's in you, I hope you find it, sometimes that is not easy. What works for me or someone else may not do a thing for you. But the best thing to do is try.
  16. Ian are you going to be there on Sunday? May drop in on my regular Sunday Samoeng loop ride.
    No MotoGP during normal hours this Sunday!
  17. JohhnyE,
    Am normally always at the X-Centre Weekends unless Riding Myself or away.
    Cheers Ian.
  18. I thought you said you were bored? You could have aleviated that by a few minutes surfing[:)] http://www.dobeckperformance.com/
  19. I agree with Ray23, it does not depend on the location, the o may make it easier but a purposeful life is in you , Ray23 example is just perfect. I m from Berlin, a city which after reunification has some of the best museums in the world, a most lively diverse cultural scene.
    I use it only to a fraction. These are mostly passive activities, what Ray23 did is much more rewarding, because it was hard.

    There is much more to be done, to get ourselves integrated in, accepted by our social environment.

    Just try to think of GTR doing bike driving courses where GTR show and teach them how to handle sandy, wet, oily surfaces,
    Some of you can do stunts , I bet. Have show elements plus serious training.

    It will be fun + perfect PR.
    I am a PR man, do good and talk about it. YOu may find followers.

    Other ideas ??

    If I see this energy potential , see all the different talents on this board, how to bundle them into small parcels?
    How to turn it into productivity?
  20. MM,

    Where are you? Dr. Mike
  21. Maybe I lack compassion.

    If boredom rears its head get off your bum and involve yourself in something that tickles your fancy. Not exactly rocket science to overcome this issue I beleive.
  22. boredom is often subjective , i am often busy and making a living takes up a lot of my time its a struggle, but often life in general pisses me off .I am often helping people but in myself I often feel empty, I often look at the world and say is this really all there is?
  23. No it’s not all there is MM.
    Man is a tripartite being, which means he is a spirit, has a body and has a soul. The activities outlined above, good as they are, relate only to the 2nd two and not the first and that’s why they don’t satisfy the inner longing in our hearts.
    Ever since original sin when man was separated from God and his spirit died, every civilization has tried to find God or a spiritual dimension again in their own way. Think of all the ancient sites around the world where there is evidence man has tried to regain that spiritual contact with a supreme being.
    It is my personal belief that this was achieved only by Jesus Christ, Gods Son in whom I believe and who has restored my spirit to active fellowship with God.
    It is my belief also that each day is a precious gift from God. Our days are numbered and we should live life to the fullest.
    That’s one of the reasons I am riding motorcycles in Thailand in my latter years. I could be retired and sleeping all day – God forbid.

    Old adage; Don’t waste time for it is the stuff life is made of”

    PS; Soul = mind will and emotions
  24. If whatever religion would put MM at ease, wonderful.
    Spirit alone may not enough to put the mind at ease.
  25. MM,
    From your posts I understand you have a dual life in slices: work/break/work/break,etc.
    Changes of pace could be unsettling, making you loose stability. Adjusting can take a lot of energy if you do it often.
    A kind of larger scale jet-lag, actually.
    I reckon physical exercise(jogging, cycling, mostly endurance stuff) is very efficient to ease jet-lags effects quicker. And it works beyond that.It can make you see things from a different perspective.
    Spirit,soul,body are all interconnected.
    It's just an idea.
    Good luck to you

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