I am looking for a motorcycle friends.

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  1. Hi. everybody.

    I am looking for a motorcycle friends.
    I am living in Chiang Mai.
    I like the bike rider.
    I am a retiree.
    I often like to bike riders in northern Thailand.
    I rider a motorcycle in Chiang Mai for three years.
    I own a BMW R1200RT.

    Who want to with me rider .
    So if you like.
    look forward to contact us.

    I hope many friend call me.
  2. Hello. Feel free to make a trip to Chiang Rai and join us for the monthly Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride. Unfortunately, the March ride is today but nearly every month, it is held on the 10th of the month. It may be a nice opportunity to get out of Chiang Mai for a couple of days and ride the mountains and valleys of Chiang Rai Province while meeting some very nice northern neighbors. You can read about the rides and up-coming rides here- http://chiangraities.com/index.php/board,65.0.html
  3. Thank you very much for coming to reply.
    I envy a lot of Chiang Rai ties.
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  5. Hi greetings from singapore, i like to ride too, 62 years old and ride can am spyder rss.
  6. Hi. Mr choy.
    Thank you for your reply.

    Chiang Mai is riding a motorcycle a great place.
    Call me when you get in Chiang Mai.

    k s Choi.
  7. Have you popped into the X-centre in Mae Rim sometime to check out other riders.
  8. Hi. DavidFL
    Thankyou for reply.

    k s Choi
  9. Nice touch guys. I might also make contact when I reach the north to ride those famous roads!
  10. Thank you for coming to reply.

    k s Choi
  11. I am about to go for my annual North Thailand ride within next 3-4 days. Total of 4,400km....have to take into account I will be riding from Phuket and back, hence high mileage. If you like we can meet at Riverhouse Hotel Mae Sariang. Planning to visit some really exotic locations, far away from main roads. If you can spare a week let me know so we can work out the details.

    Best regards
  12. Hello Goran,

    Just curious, your this coming North Trip, meantime any accompany? Or are you travel alone?
  13. I am riding alone.

  14. Great, safe ride and enjoy.
    Feel like joining, but too bad wife already making noice...
  15. Hi. Mr.Goran
    Have a safe and enjoyable motorcycle tour.

    Choi kwon-soo
  16. Cheers Goran. It was great meeting up in Doi Ang Khang for the night.
    I look forward to the trip report & some exciting photos.




  17. Yup David, gonna be one helluva report once I get back to Phuket. Got hundreds of pics :mrgreen:

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