I want to buy a used Versys ...some questions

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  1. I have a BC (canada) drivers licence (car and motorbike) and International DL

    Can I buy a motorcycle if I have a tourist visa? I've seen conflicting opinions about this.

    Do I need to do a title search (lien)?

    oh yes, and TonyBKK, we talked a few months back, you mentioned a friend who might be selling his 2010, do you know if he is?

    Thank you
  2. Well you definitely do not need a drivers license to buy a bike. You do need to prove your address, letter from immigration is the usual way. Most would say that a longer term visa is also neccessary, but one or two have reported that they have been successful with a tourist visa. May vary between different provinces. There is no such thing as a title search here, you need to see that they have a valid registration book in the sellers name, this is not usually a problem for the Versys as it is made and legally sold here in Thailand, unlike some of the 'grey book' imports. You may like to also check out the 3 new 500cc Honda models, just launched here in Thailand.
  3. I have bought cars and bikes on Phuket with a TV but have heard that they are not accepted everywhere although Pattaya may be ok.
  4. Crusing & johngooding
    Happy new Year and Thank you for your responses
  5. Please be aware that 30 days on arrival is not a tourist visa. I would think most immigration offices will provide proof of residence with a tourist visa.
  6. Hello Dolby,
    I have a 2010 Versys for sale in case you are serious about it. It has ABS brakes, a German made MRA windscreen, and a Ventura luggage system. The odometer registers 36xx Km. Yes, that is correct, just a little over 3600 Km.
  7. Hi
    thanks for the reply. But I have just (yesterday) returned home to Canada trip is over, but I will return next November I will try again to buy one in Thai. I am buying a 2010 Versys tomorrow in Canada, no ABS avail here though, go figure.
    Thank you
  8. I dont believe you still have that bike it sounds like a great deal to me..3600 kms is nothing ..have you tried all the other forums..i wish i would have seen it before i bought mine
    Good luck on your sale

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