I will be there with my fellow enduro riders in Nov.

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  1. :p

    Hello there,
    Finally I could have a chance to go back to Chinagmai in November(from 21st to 27th).
    I will be there with around 9 Korean enduro riders, do you think it would be better to make reservation for bike rental.

    Please let me have your ideas.



  2. Paul
    High season will have well & truly kicked in by then, so yes book a bike or else you might be struggling to get enough bikes from one shop on the day & be wandering from one shop to the next to source bikes.

    Look here for the GT Rider shop recommendations

    https://www.gt-rider.com/motorcycles-in- ... n-thailand

    and book as soon as possible.
  3. Thank you, David,

    I will contact them.

  4. Dear Paul,

    I run an Enduro Guided Tour in Palawan Philippines,a very different one the actual asian tour.

    Pls look at my site: http://palawanmotorbiketour.blogspot.com/

    Hope to see you soon with your korean riders


    World Trails Asia CEO


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