I won a disc Lock

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  1. The other day I received an email from another Thai based farang motorcycle website telling me I had won a disc lock in a lucky draw, that I didn't even know I had entered, and would I please send them an address. My Nigerian hackles were up so I gave then a c/o business address. Sure enough today a Xena X2 disc lock arrived. So thank you.:thumbup:

    I know it is not of general interest but I don't usually win anything so for me it is special. Might send the wife out to buy some lottery tickets.
  2. Well that's Cool, winning something You can't remember entering!!! Well Done!
  3. Ok...ok...now it's important to stay calm!!

    Very carefully,take the disc lock,(preferably in it's original packaging) and take it outside........and gently place it in the nearest bin.

    Or give it to someone you don't like.

    Nothing more embarrassing than attempting to ride off in the main street of your town/city,and come crashing to the ground within 300mm of starting your journey.Or whatever the circumference of your front disc is.

    How do I know of this??

    Sigh,that's a tale best told around a campfire....at night...in the woods.
  4. Disclock is a wonderful thing, and free is just the best price.

    Spend a Baht though, and buy, beg, borrow or steal about a metre and a half of brightly coloured string. Tie one end to the disclock permanently, and put a loop in the other end big enough to easily loop around your throttle. Whenever you fit the disclock, loop the string over the throttle. Cheap, effective, and far less embarrassing than crashing after a half turn of the front wheel as mentioned above. If it has an integral alarm, I agree with Poompui, throw away the batteries for that.

    Oh, and if it came in a bag, attach the bag to the bike frame somewhere easy to get at. If you put it under the seat, or in a top box, you'll never use it:)

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