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  1. I am not a fan of Doi Inthanon. Not much panorama. And worse, endless numbers of buses, vans crawling uphill. All of them pelting unbelievable amounts of soot at innocent bikers. Plus the 108...........

    This Saturday after lunch time we were cruising direction Hang Dong not knowing what to do. Suddenly the sign= Doi Inthanon 81 km. That'll be a quicky, I thought
    I decided to yield to a longstanding wish of my permanent pillion that all Thais must see Doi Inthanon once.
    And what a surprise it was.
    (of course I'm not taking about the 108 but the road in the National Park.)

    GO NOW if Doi Inthanon is in your plans.

    I was tired , no break to speak off. We went to our new discovery=
    A wonderful place to recover with very good food, most pleasing music , great ambiance is the BANANA TREE restaurant on the Canal Road, near Best Western Hotel hotel, recently renamed B2 Hotel.
  2. PICO, you are right...It is a great time to ride in Thailand. We went up Doi Inthanon last month on the way to Mae Chaem and did not see a single van around 9 AM. Saw two parked buses and that was it. Sad for Thailand tourism, but nice for us riders.

    On another note, we just got back from Koh Chang. When we arrived there ten days ago, only three of us walked off the ferry to catch the SINGLE truck taxi. Very quiet down there as well.
  3. whats to do round doi inthanon?
    I mean waterfalls, hot springs etc, walks?
    How far, where are they, how long does it take etc

    I hear its nice out there,but is it worth an overnight?
    can you stay deep in the jungle, hear gibbons, see tigers etc near there?
    and is there an offroad route there?
  4. What to do - Lots of waterfalls around Doi Inthanon but most of then will involve some walking. You can stay at the bungalows of the Doi Inthanon National park in the forest or at the Inthanon Eco Hut or the Karen Eco Lodge or, in case you want to have some more comfort you can stay the night in Mae Chaem.

    Offroad to Doi Inthanon is possible from Chom Thong starting at the Mae Ya Waterfall but this is tough and steep - you will end up at the Doi Pathang protection Unit close to the National Park HQ offices. Better to do this going downhill.

    Going there you can take the 1013 from San Patong and then the 1284 (asphalt) or from south of Chom Tong or further south near Mon Hin (mainly offroad) or from Mae Chaem (offroad) and the last part asphalt on 1192.
  5. "There's always something waiting at the end of the road, if you aren't willing to see what it is, you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place"

    Very appropriate slogan, Auke.

    Will next time try the 1013 / 1284 . Thanks for hint.


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