Ignition and other keys


Jul 11, 2010
When I got my Magna V45 I got only a single key with it, and that key, altough it works, is not the original key nor is it a copy of the original. I am sure that in the past, the last owner lost his key and had a new one made that can open the locks but still does not fit really well. Besides the ignition key there is of course the steering lock. There is also a third lock, a smaller one, this is the helmet anti-theft lock located at the rear of the bike. I do not have a key to this, altough with patience I could probably get a key made that fitted it.

My question now is: Can I get a second set of original keys for this bike from Honda, if I send them the serial number of the bike? In that case, I would also like to get a key for the helmet safety lock.

I have once before gotten a new set of keys for a motor vehicle, that was in the case of a Mercedes 280 SEL I owned. All I had to do then was write the chassis number of the car and send it the local Mercedes Benz agent, he then sent this information and a request to Germany and the company made new keys for me and sent them back, all within two weeks.