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  1. Hello,
    I'm travelling Asia with my motorbike and entered thailand from Malaysia on 27-12-2012.
    While I was looking for a spot to park my bike in Bangkok for a couple of months I noticed a lot of questions on how that would be possible with a 1 month import permit...
    So i check my permit and...oops..It's only valid until 27-1-2556. So I'm more than a month over time. (Enjoying the rides around nan).
    So what is the best way to handle this? I'm in Loei now, close to the Lao Border.Just go over there and try to explain, say sorry, etc..?
    To make things more difficult, my visa is finished at 11 march.
    So please some advise. I wouldnt like to pay that 600.000 fine:-?
  2. tx for the info, I just went to the border and hoped for the best.
    I tried to have as much as confusion as possible
    I told them I lost my paper, gave them my two passports, a carnet de passage and tried to look as dumb as possible. I went to cambodia without the motorbike so I had a stamp in and out and they really didnt understand why that was not in the computer for the motorbike.
    They start calling and talking for about 1,5 hours and in the end they all start laughing. Their end conclusion..I forgot to go to customs when I entered Thailand from Cambodia. I appologized for that and they said it was ok..."you go now but next time..first immigration then customs"..Off course officer innocent.gif
    End conclusion: read your import form..its only valid for 1 month
    and to end..we crossed the tha Li border without any problems. Visa on arrival(1 month). Temporary import for the motorbike same time as visa. 25000 kip for the import permit.

  3. I've never had any direct experience with this however I don't see them being particularly impressed at the border! What reg is you bike on (A Malaysian one?) Overstaying bya few days I'd imagine no real problem but over a month :eh: I'd imagine you'll end up paying a few thousand baht at the least. What is your plan in Lao? Where will you be heading to after there?
  4. a late reply....
    Its a european registered bike.
    Meanwhile I crossed the border between Thailand and Laos for the second time and this time I overstayed for 8 months!(Been to China). Not really a big problem. Maximum fine is 2000 bath which I payed..

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