Important. Need help to do a Visa run from LAO to Thailand and back.

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  1. can i cross into thailand from lao without my thai registered bike to do a visa run???

    i would like to overstay the 30days leaving Thailand on my Honda Transalp.

    the question is, can i actually go back into Thailand without my bike, just to come straight back to get a new 30 days Visa for Lao.

    I am scared to try, because Lao officials might check me out but maybe Thai official's on the other side might not let me back in without my bike. i have no clue how this works and i believe its even harder to find any information on this from any officials. i might try at the thai embassy in Vientiane, but they have never been very helpful, so i doubt they will know or will try to help me. i will be in Vientiane in about 10 days. when it come down to the worst i can always extend my lao visa for another 30 days i just costs double as much.

    should i extend my lao bike insurance? i am not sure if i will get into troubles when i will leave the country, when they see i wasn't insured for some time???

    and does anyone know about the new thai visas, costs, duration, double entries? would be great. thanks so much in advance
  2. bye the way, i am planning to take the bike into Cambodia after... and return to Thailand after 3 to 4 months altogether.
  3. I've entered and left Laos with my bike once with all the paperwork and twice without. When I left they asked me for papers, I didn't understand what they wanted and indicated that I didn't have any papers for the bike, other than my rego, so they just waved me through. If nothing has changed you shouldn't have a problem.

    For the visa info head to


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