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  1. Does anyone have some idea about importing staff thru ebay. At the moment I was thinking of importing a complete engine block of an XR400 to Thailand, ebay now imposes already the import duty tax.

    So actually if it is legally imported there should be no problem or is there something that I don't see here.

    In other words, if I would take this imported engine, to the registration office and notify them I want to change my engine with newly imported one, will there be any problems I will be running into, I assume I won't be easy, but with some luck it should work.

    Any input about this topic would be highly appreciated . Thanks
  2. Good luck. Should work if Land Transport accept your tax documents showing tax & VAT? paid?
    But maybe the will want official Thai govt tax docs .
  3. The thing is ebay sells that staff and ships abroad and taxes beforehand so You don't have to pay any more after that, works pretty good so far, but never tried with an engine, Let's say you buy an engine for 400 dollars plus 100 dollars shipping they will impose something like 150 to 200 dollars import tax, after that you should be good, all I wanted to know is if the registration office here will tolerate this or will tell me this has not been imported properly, if I could do it this way, it would spare me a lot of time and hazzle down in BKK. At the moment I am just curious about all that, if I will do it in the end is another story, thanks for the input
  4. It's not about the fact that Ebay sells and ships or that the taxes are paid. None of that matters if customs will not allow it into the country. A friend bought a classic motorcycle in Myanmar along with parts to restore it. The new 'ban' went into effect before he could bring it into Thailand and they did not allow it to come in.
  5. okay fair enough, maybe not worth the time and money, probably just gonna sell my XR250 with book and wait until a XR400 with book comes around. Thanks for your opinions about that matter.
  6. Did you check with your local DLT ? If Customs allows it in, will they OK the change of engine number in book ? If answer to both questions yes, should be painless.

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