Importing Minsks to Thailand

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  1. hello everyone,

    a friend an i are doing a south-east-asian loop on 2 minsks in january-feb next year, we are both australian citizens.

    the beasties:

    starting in HCMC up to laos and finishing in Bangkok. the bikes are registered, we have ownership documents and carnets and we wish to sell the bikes once in Bangkok.

    i have heard alot of conflicting reports about importing bikes to thailand, ranging from extremely complicated on the thai customs website to very simple from people.

    can someone set me straight on what we need to do so we dont have any troubles when trying to exit thailand without the bikes?
  2. .....or whether it is possible at all?
  3. The reason for the temporary import is that you cannot sell the bike officially without paying all the import taxes/fines. In my opinion the best bet would be to try and line up a buyer willing to take them somewhere like Laos, and re-export them back out of Thailand to them at the end of the trip.

    Try Jimoi in Vietianne he may have the best advice about Minsks outside of Vietnam and recently advertised some for sale.

    My understanding is that in Vietnam whoever holds the registration document is the owner (ie, it can be in anyones name). In Thailand the owner is the person named on the registration documents and it becomes very difficult/costly over borders without the correct name in there.

    I hope someone else has better info.
  4. While anything is possible the proper import and registration costs to legalize those bikes will be far more then they are worth.

    You need to hope to find someone who has an interest in riding the bikes out of Thailand again. This will need to be done within the temp import time window so is kind of restrictive.

    What country are they registered in now ?? Vietnamese plates and Docs ??

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