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    The press here is reporting the case of a recent 'wedding' where 2 gay men were 'married'. Around 100 people were invited to attend & were duly in attendance but several thousand others turned up to watch the ceremony resulting in a massive traffic jam in the area & total chaos on the surrounding roads.

    The marriage between other than a man & a woman is illegal in Vietnam & the authorities duly arrived (more so, it is alleged, to free up the traffic jam than anything else). The celebrant, the father of one of the gay men being married, was informed that he was operating outside the law & issued with an on the spot fine of 200,000vnd (just over $9.50).

    The fine paid the celebrant asked the authorities if, notwithstanding matters of legality, the party could continue as all were having great fun & he did not wish to spoil the enjoyment of those invited. His request was granted! LOVE it!

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