In Chiang Mai 2nd week Nov 06

Oct 6, 2006

I am going to Chiang Mai the second week of Nov.
I looking at hiring a bike and riding around a bit.

I am thinking a 250 chooky would be best,
could you recomend a good shop for this type of bike.
also is it necessary to pre book a bike
or you can just turn up and hire them ????

Do the hire bikes come with Saddle bags or gearsax and rack???

also if there were other people touring or there are some rides
going on around the same time would be good to know about.

i just spent a week in the north of vietnam in July
with some friends on the 125cc Minsk.
Had a blast and now I can't stop.



So far as i know, no bikes come with saddlebags or gearsacks. Some have racks. Check out the other pages that David put together on this forum but I can recommend Joe's Bikes/Goodwill Motorcycles as the bikes (250 Honda XRs) are up together and have racks. I'd also recommend pre-booking as you are coming into the high season and good bikes are often in demand. If Joe is booked out try one of the other shops david mentions.

Keep an eye on the board for rides. Some of us just did one today - 3 XRs, a Djebel 250 and a Tiger CX125. Great fun with beautiful scenery and an "interesting" water crossing. Trip report will follow.



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