India Incredible India!!!

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
India Incredible India!!!
What do I Say about this Incredible Place is the Problem I have been Pondering since I got back :roll: Most People I have talked to say the same thing, You either Love it or Hate it and there is Nowhere in between :!: Unfortunately for Me it just wasn't what we Expected and I Failed to See anything that Excited Me so I fell into the Last Category :shock: We took so many Photos at the beginning that Our Memory Card was full and being the IT Capital it is I couldn't find a Internet Shop or New Memory Card so had to rely on the other Peoples Photos which I will get a Copy of at some Stage :roll: For Now I will post a few of what I have. It all Started with a Great Anticipation and Excitement
Here We are arriving in Delhi Airport with Great Enthusiasm 8)

All went smoothly through the Airport and onto Our Van for the Long Drive down to Agra Our Base for the next 4 Nights :?:
The Drive was Interesting to Say the Least Lovely Roads like this all the Way :twisted:

We Managed to Side Swipe another Bus Full of People and after a Quick Stop to Abuse each other we were back on Our way like nothing had happened.
Agra is a Extremely Messy and Polluted City which Just Happens to Have the Taj Mahal located there. The Jewel in the Crown of Indian Tourism :wink: I was quite Surprised to See it in Person given it's Reputation?

This is the View from the Riverside beside the Taj.

There is so much Pollution that You can't actually See Much!!! I am looking towards the "Red Fort" Where the Creator of the Taj Mahal was Imprisoned By His Loving Son so He could look at it till He Died :cry:
Having Said that He was No Angel Himself as He had the Wives of the Original Architects of the Building Killed So they would know How He Felt after losing His Wife!!! ( Not sure Why He was complaining as He still had quite a number of other Wives? ) Once Work was Completed He also assembled all the Craftsmen who worked on the Taj and Promptly had their Right Thumbs Cut off so they couldn't ever repeat their Work :twisted: Nice Guy indeed. This seems to have been the General Trend followed throughout India , Wars, Uprisings, Summary Be-Headings on a Frequent Basis etc etc. This continued up until the British colonised the Place at which time they decided to concentrate their Thirst for Blood and Murder on all the Big Game that used to Roam free around India. Nothing Like a Good Hunt and Shoot a Host of Big Cats or anything else in Range :? Photographic Evidence of this is plastered all over any Old Building which they normally call Forts or Palaces, We would call them Old Run down Buildings :oops: Meet Plenty of Lovely Pilgrims!!!

A Real Eye Opener

Anyway after 4 Days usually associated with little Sleep at Night due to Constant Noise or Weird Ceremonies( My Ear Plugs came in Handy here )
I was looking forward to Moving on in anticipation of Better things 8)
I will add a Note here that our entire Trip was around the State of Rajasthan and We had Brought Royal Enfield Motorcycles to Ride on the Trip, The Plan being to take them back to Thailand after the Trip.
We finally Moved on the 1st of November and Rode the 127kms down to a Place called Gwalior. Not a Bad Hotel and it Had a Decent Bar :D
So I did My bit by supporting the Force India Formula One Team by Drinking Kingfisher Beer throughout Our Trip ( I nearly said Holiday there but corrected myself )
We had 2 Nights here the Last accumulating in an Open Bus Ride up to a Fort on the Most Dusty Polluted Trip of My life?
A nice Local Street.

Some Lovely Shops on the Pollution Ride.

3rd of November and Time to move on again. Eventually got going and down to a small town called Shivpuri. Only one Night here and off again for a Nice Long Ride of 253kms :?: We arrived in the Town of Kota. Stayed here for another 4 Nights doing nothing in particular, but fitted in some small day rides :idea: Moved on again this Time for the Town of Bhilwara and Stayed in a Hotel Named "Amit Palace" The name by No Means matched the Actual Building that looked like it came from a Beirut War Zone :shock: The entire Place was under construction and coated in Dust. I was on the Second floor and there was No end to the Building so could have walked straight off the edge!!! Of Course nothing much else worked either :cry: Anyway I won't waste to much time with details as it was basically much the Same everyday.
Some Pictures of the few I have.
Royal Enfields.

The Trip got My Thumbs Up!!!

The India Riders.
Left to Right. Me, Taku (Our Trip Mechanic ), Mike, Robert & Tim

***Note*** Taku or Trip Mechanic who is from India of Course had a Gutsful and Bailed out 1/2 way through. W.T.F . Made Me Wonder
Long took a Self Portrait of Herself filling in Time.

Most of the Security Guards or Police we saw had ancient Weapons either Full Wood 303 Enfields or in this case an Old Flint Lock!

I even Managed to get Long on the Bike for a couple of Rides.
Getting Her Ready.

On the Bike.

She even made the Effort of trying to fit in with the Target Painted in the Middle of Her Head :roll:

We finally Pulled the Plug after 3 weeks of Travel and Flew Out of Jodhpur
We were supposed to have stayed another week to 10 Days but everyday was much the Same and We were heading back to Major Cities after here so We decided to leave as in 3 Weeks we had only had about 4 Days worth of Riding that was Notable and perhaps a bit more than a week in decent accommodation? So didn't fancy more of the Bad stuff? I had also only ridden 2000 kms total so No Point in Beating a Dead Horse is there :?: This was also a Contributing Factor in Me deciding Not to bring the Royal Enfield Home. It had been a Faultless Bike for Me but this was one of those Trips You don't need to keep reliving if You know what I mean :wink:
My Flight from Jodhpur to Delhi.

Got to Delhi and another Hotel Beirut awaited us so that put a Damper on Our last Night in India. Another Dusty Run Down Under Construction Shite hole. Here I am Leaving in the Morning.

The Name: "Hotel Alka Annexe" I think referred to the Fact it has been Annexed from any Civilised Guests List!!!
Anyway we finally got on the Plane Home and I have never been Happier to Board Thai Airlines :lol: The Staff, Food and Beer were Excellent. A Top Flight!!! I arrived in Bangkok and finally Reached Chiang Mai in the Evening where John Picked us up and once Home we relaxed over a Few Beers. Rarely have I Felt Better or Happier to be Home than at that Moment!!! In Summary on What did I think of India :?:
It is not a Mass of Humanity it is a Sad Mess of Inhumanity!!! People are not living they are making a pitiful Sad Effort surviving. Incredible Filth and Pollution and no one seems to notice or care???
I feel there Must be lots more much nicer interesting places to See in India but Sadly I will never give the Place another Chance. Long said She would like to go back some Day in the Future maybe with a Organised Tour Company and have another Go, Good Luck?
India is a Huge Country with a Variety of Landscapes from Beach Resorts to Mountains and Forests etc. Unfortunately the State of Rajasthan is mostly Quarries for Marble or Desolate Barren Wasteland the Rest is a Construction Site.
Apart from that it's a Great Place :wink:


Mar 5, 2006
Ian Bungy wrote: India Incredible India!!!
What do I Say about this Incredible Place is the Problem I have been Pondering since I got back :roll:...
I had also only ridden 2000 kms total so No Point in Beating a Dead Horse is there :?: ....
Apart from that it's a Great Place :wink:
A Classic Ambassadorial report.... :D
Looking forward to some of the riding images tho ...


The British Ambassador to Thailand could have done with such a culturally sensitive
hand with his report when he left Bangkok...
you can download it from here
PS not for further distribution


Mar 11, 2008
India is a love / hate kinda place.. We did a very different kind of tour, 2000kms in autorickshaws during monsoon as part of a charity rally. 30 odd teams in custom painted autorickshaws, photogs and writer from the UK lad mags, box loads of fireworks, fancy dress and mexi wrestler masks and 3 weeks of high jinks and sillyness.. ... _video.php <- Video came out well.



We had a great time, but in part because every night there were 50 or so of us every night having a party that lasted till dawn when we would set off on another days adventuring. We were also doing school donations and featured on national radio, so when we were going places the locals had often heard of us on the radio and in media which sometimes drew insane crowds etc. ... 363020904/

But even with the all the great memories, there was real nasty pollution and surrounds, just a stunning idiocy in day to day dealings and many downsides. Like you we had an extra 5 days at the end of the rally and Mumbai was just not where we wanted to be, we binned our outbound tickets as we couldnt change them to get out the next day.

But even having had a gutful by the time I left, I really would like to go back, I would like to do the enfields over the northern hill stations and lakes and been talking with a couple of mates about it.

I was also constantly shocked by how expensive bad accommodation was and how much you had to pay to get half decent places to stay, it was either a roach hotel or mega bucks for what I would call 3 - 4 star type places. Which considering the poverty just baffled me.


Jun 28, 2007
Ian & Long, you kept me smiling & laughing through the whole report :wink: , it's sooooo true about love or hate incredible India. Your experience with hotels is just describing it all. I mean the Taj Mahal is really a marvellous building, if it only could be situated somewhere in Himachal Pradesh....... :oops:
Delhi and other big cities are as you stated full of dirt and people trying to survive and no-one seems to care........ :evil:
I found Himachal Pradesh & Ladakh (only the buddhist part, not the carpetbeater one) and the southern Kerala & Tamil Nadu states worth travelling. So if you ever break with your habit and actually return once more, that's what I recommend as being a positive experience. Kovalam Beach is beautiful...... :lol:
Eager to hear more in detail this coming weekend !!!! :D
Good to have you both back in LOS. :p
Cheers, Franz


Dec 28, 2005
nice report but
Pollution dusty in india is dusty.. :shock:


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Bungy & Long
I commend you for even starting the trip!
So bloody well done & indeed I loved the diplomatic report. Has India succeeded in changing you forever?


Mar 11, 2008
Could I ask a question on the economics and practicalities..

How much were the enfields ?? Did you purchase them outright ??


Mar 5, 2006
If the Ambassador's report needed further explanation.
Courtesy of RobertH via ADV's "WTF" thread



Oct 17, 2006
Hmmm India... having had the misfortune to actually work there ..i love it 20% and hate 80%.......I prefer reading about that interesting country rather than actually want to ever visit it again.its hard work getting anything done .same goes for pakistan,bangladesh and 80% of Africa.

Now South America is challenging but I love it .

We are spoilede in thailand even with its tribulations.