Inexpensive LCD voltmeter installation

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  1. In January 2012, I had my '98 Sukuki XC250 'Djebel' engine rebuilt in Phnom Penh.
    No problem, but when returning home, the stator/generator failed about 25-km before Chantaburi.
    There is no warning light on the bike's speedo/odo to indicate is the stator is not working properly.
    I was in the middle of nowhere and spent the night sleeping in the roadside dirt. I'd called a friend
    who rescued me the following morning, taking me and the bike back to Pattaya.

    So, a few months ago, I happened on the thread below for installing an inexpensive LCD voltmeter,
    and ordered and received 2-voltmeters one for each of my bikes. The voltmeters are a mere 70-Bt each
    and postage is free! They are made in China, but they are _not_ waterproof.

    I applied a liberal coating of clear silicone on the circuit board and side of the unit making it waterproof.
    Silicone, as well as superglue adhesives are both non-conductive.
    The silicone adhesive failed to adequately glue the LCD on the bike's display, so I used contact cement.

    I connected the LCD display to a wire that is only hot when the key is turned on; it can be grounded
    any where that is convenient. So, now with fair warning, maybe there's no more unplanned dirt naps!

    Below is a pix of the voltmeter on my Suzuki:
  2. Nice one Jay, thanks for the tip.

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