Info Maha Sarakham / Chayapaum????????????????????????

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  1. ray23

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    Any info on Maha Sarakham March 24 2012?

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  3. Ricohoc

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    This was a well-organized event at an outstanding venue about 7 km east of the city. There was concrete for days with plenty of places to park and sit and part-take of the food and beverages.

    My only disappointment was that 95% of the vendors were HD vendors. I would have liked to see some other gear and accessories for other big bike makes.

    The city itself was very receptive despite the scarcity of foreigners there, and I did notice that driving courtesy improved the further we got from Khon Kaen and worked our way east. Coming back toward Udon Thani, and about 30 km east of Khon Kaen, the driving courtesy evaporated.

    I will return to this event. Very enjoyable.
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    Bloody hell I always forget date's (getting older) ..... I did saw the announcement but ..... next time I will put them in my calendar (and that will warn me 2 days ahead).

    Chang Noi

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