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  1. Hello,

    I've plans to go to Thailand for four weeks in December. Can somebody give some information about the availability and price of motorbike rentals in Chiang Mai in December?

    Another question... I think about to take the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Must I make a reservation or are there usually enough seats available? Makes the scenery it worth to do the trip in day-time or is it better to take the night train?

    Thanks in advance for you answers.

    Greetings, Ewoud
  2. What kind of bike are you looking for? There are lots of choices in Chiang Mai.

    Many are listed on this site under "Bikes"

  3. I think I go for a 250 (Honda AX-1 or Baja or Yamaha TTR). It must be reliable, suitable for longer distances and not to expensive. They are listed on this site under bikes but that's info from 2002 and doesn't give information about the availability in December. I don't want to waste to much time to find a bike.
    Your best bet is to fly in & then catch the train back to Bkk, getting off at the airport!

    Bike prices are pretty much as quoted.
    Shops will charge as much as they can get for them in high season, if demand is high then the price is going to be closer to 850 baht a day, if demand is not so high then the price will be closer to 650 baht a day.
    The result being that prices do not vary by more than US$5 a day, and this should be within most people's budget.

    There are scores of 250s for rent, and it should be no trouble to pick up something when you get here. At the worst 1 or 2 shops might have all their bikes out on the day & if you insist on using that shop, then you might have to wait for their bikes to come back in. Otherwise just go to another shop.
    At the very worst you'd have to wait 3-4 days absolute maximum for a bike. This should be tolerable, but if it is not, then in the meantime rent somethig else - a Honda Dream to chug around town, or a 400 for some easy loops / day trips.
    Chiang Mai is a cool place to hang out in and enjoy life, so there's no need to rush.

    Keep the power on
    Your best bet is to fly in & then catch the train back to Bkk, getting off at the airport!
    ang on a minute Davedfl.....

    Best way to get to CM is ......... Sell everything, even ya grannys budgy also her false teeth if ness - pop in to ya local Triumph dealer and tell him to check oil and chain tention on the biggest bike in showroom, as ya going to be belting it 'well hard' all the way overland to Thailand with the odd stop here and there for a cup of cha' and to pick up one of Daves new maps - just to keep ya on right road o'cos......
  6. For a 250 dualsport, you could e-mail Joe's Bike Team and reserve one. He is listed on the site, and has bikes in decent condition.

    BUT - it is the busiest time of the year, and he may need a deposit in advance.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    By the way, there is Chiang Mai Bike Week in December. Last year there were about 1000 big bikes in town. For more info:

  7. Thanks for the info.

    It took a while for this reply but I've been busy lately. I booked a flight for the 1st of December and I hope to arrive on the 2nd of December in Chiang Mai. Anyone suggestions for accomodation?

    Another question: Is it better bring US$ or are Euro's also widely excepted?
  8. There are a few places listed on the main board.

    Lots of lodging available - depends on your budget. Since you plan to stay 4 weeks, make sure to book a monthly rate. This is usually the same as 10 days of daily rate. Even if you will be doing some overnight travel, it still works out cheaper, and gives you a place to store extra gear. 100 to 150 dollars/month will get you something respectable, but you could go up or down.

    As far as currency, nothing but Thai Baht is accepted widely. Exchange booths and banks are plentiful in Chiang Mai, and Euros should be no problem. It is not a bad idea to have some US $1 bills as bribe money.

  9. Hey Bob, what's this about using $1 notes as bribe money? I've been in Thailand (not constantly)20 years as of next month and have never had to pass over any money other than Thai baht and this has always been for a valid reason, although at times I have been wrongly accused of speeding, at most 100 baht. In fact I think the boys in brown might be a little pissed off at the offer of $1.

    See you in a week or so.

  10. Hi Ian

    I have only been pulled over twice in Thailand. Once by a checkpoint officer who just wanted to practice his English. Once in CM for no helmet, and talked my way out of it.

    Have used the small bills in Laos - where $30 per month is a very high salary, and a dollar or two goes a long way.

    I would love to see someone from Europe try to pay off a cop with a 2 euro coin. Worth 100 baht, but absolutely identical to a 10 baht coin. You can use 10 baht coins in vending machines in Europe.

    I guess that you are back from Indonesia now that it is flying weather in Thailnd. See you soon.

  11. Gidday Bob,

    Yes Laos is a different story to Thailand, a dollar there is a useful commodity. I did notice the similarity between the 2 euro coin and the 10 baht coin recently in Bosnia, they are both exactly the same, apart from the embossing, as the 1000 rupiah coin here in Indonesia, but the 1000 rupiah coin is worth only 5 baht, great for buying stuff in vending machines in Europe, but of course that is illegal so we wouldn't do it. Would we?

    Still in Indonesia but looking forward to dusting off the ZZR in CNX in a few weeks, we'll be flying mainly in the south this year so I'll take the old beast down there with me. Want to ride Chiang Mai to Hat Yai with me? 16 hours should do it. Certainly looking forward to spending a week in the north before starting work.

    See ya then.

  12. I arrive Chiang Mai on Nov 8th, and will be in Thailand through March. Planning a southern trip in January or February, and will stop in Hat Yai then.

    See you in CM, at Rudi's or Joe's.


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