Information please, regarding a Silverwing


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Oct 16, 2009
Hi Guys,

Further to my previous posts, I've bought a 2005 Silverwing 400 from a fellow Farang. He used a local dealer ( from whom he origanally purchased the bike ) to sort out the ownership transfer, so it's all legit.

I need to get some parts for the bike, but am not certain what model it is ( FJS400 or FSC400 ? ). The two numbers that I've got are MC16-1008708 & NFO1E-1000799 which I presume are chassis and engine. Are you able please, or do you know anyone / anywhere to tell me what model the machine is ? If it's any help, it doesn't have ABS.

Also, I'd like to get copies of the Owners Manual & Workshop Manual. Once I know what model I've got I can do a better search. In the meantime, I've found several suppliers of Silverwing 600 manuals ~ apart from the cc, are there any major differences, or would a manual for a 600 suffice for doing routine chores on a 400 ?

Thank-you in anticipation.........................

Steve ( a.k.a. Proffesor )


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Sep 27, 2007
Hi Professor,

My EBC brake listings show the following for Honda Silverwing:
US Market FSC 600/D Non ABS from 2002 to 2006
FJS 600 1/2/D3/D4/D5/D6 Non ABS from 2001 to 2006
FJS 400 D6/D7/D8 Non ABS from 2006 to 2008

Hope this may give you some clues.
Good news is that the brake info I sent you on PM would be common for all these models.

Have you tried for spec info?


Nov 7, 2005
Hi Professor

You probably have a so called "recycled book" for your bike since the frame number indicates that it is a 250 NSR. In principle it is a unlegal reg but in practice no problems. If you look clooser on the frame number you will see that it is "re stamped" and if you put some battery acid on it you maybe can see the original number. Pls look also in your book how many cc you have, probably 250 cc and Silver Wings is not made in 250 version as far as I know.

If you after that want to know what year your bike is look at the plastics, seat, side cover etc. There you can find some clues what year and what model it is. The brake/clutch hydraulic pipes as well as the rims will also give you some info.

Hiko also a former professor


Nov 14, 2006
Hi Prof,

Here is a page where you can download manuals, you have to register first to download, but that takes 1min.


Here's another but I didn't spot a Silverwing in the Honda list.