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Discussion in 'Technical' started by yankee99, May 25, 2014.

  1. I would like to get my injectors checked as i have been fouling plugs. Looking for a shop recommendation.


  2. ^ That corrosion on some of your butterflies looks a bit worrisome. That rust is already starting to flake and will get sucked into you engine... I'd replace those if I were you.

    I've had Khun Boyd at Chicane service the fuel injectors on my Gixxer once when I got an FI warning light. Next time I think I'll do it myself. Ton of DIY vids on the old YouTube. This one is a bit goofy, but also shows how easy it is:

    Chicane. Performance Moto (
  3. Hi Tony

    Thanks for the info. I think i will give it a shot as per the youtube video. Thats not rust its actually carbon build up. I think the butterflies are brass so no worries that way :').

    I looked at that fb link but seems theres no contact info or a way to msg. What i would like to get is the orings or is possible the local auto parts shop can match them?
  4. Try this number for Khun Boyd at Chicane- 0892044191

    In person his English isn't bad, but over the phone I've always struggled with him...

    Best of luck!

    ps. sure that's carbon? More like gum/varnish? Anyway, no doubt you'll be cleaning it all up. What bike is this from if you don't mind me asking?
  5. I guess its varnish and carbon and who knows. They cleaned up relatively well. The bike is a cbr600rr.....

    I spoke with khun boyd and not sure if he has all the tools. I (my wife) asked if they can check volume and they said no. Not that its all that important as im not a perfectionist but seems that should be a standard test. He also is not cheap at 4000 baht but tit.

    BTW here is my ghetto cleaner.
  6. Mr Yankee,

    After flushing your injectors using the above method, did is solve your issue. Any improvement with fueling?

  7. I havent got it back together yet still trying to locate these o rings. I may just have to use the old ones.
  8. I have used this stuff on every FI vehicle I have owned. I few treatments between oil changes and NEVER a fuel related problem on any bike or car ever. This stuff is the real deal. If you can get it shipped there, I guarantee you will never have another problem like this. It EATS carbon/varnish for breakfast and prevents corrosion. My local wrench could not believe how clean my valves/pistons were on my 1991 Toyota 4X4 when I had the head gaskets changed last year. He said he has seen worse on 2003-newer engines.
  9. Redline is awesome but you could never put that stuff in checked luggage or air mail... Surface would be the only way to ship it legally...
  10. I was pleasantly surprised at the huge variety of o-rings that a local scooter shop stocks on Siwara Road in Wangthonglang, Bangkok.

    Alternatively give these guys a try:

    Allied Metric Seals and Fasteners Inc.
    2 Wilson Drive
    Unit 4
    Sparta, NJ 07871
    Phone: 973-383-2487

    I bet the postage will cost more than the o-rings!
  11. Thanks Tony i was trying to avoid the USA route. Anyway seems the thai cbr250 uses the same o rings/seal as the lower injectors on the 2003 cbr600rr.

    I received them Saturday from mityon honda pattaya tai. I installed the throttle body and warmed the bike up to 104°. Tomorrow i will pull one of the plugs tomorrow to see if its fouled or tan.
  12. In case anyone is following this thread. I cleaned the old plugs and ran the bike to temp. Before plugs would carbon foul after running it up to temp.

    Now the plugs look good so i believe problem solved.


  13. Glad to hear you got it sorted! :thumbup:

    I was was at my local hardware store today picking up some o-rings and other bits for my Beemer and thought of you- hardware heaven!!!

    You want o-rings? We got o-rings!

    Local BMW stealership wants mad money for these $1.40 bolts!

    Hardware heaven!!



    I'd give my right nut for a one-stop hardware shop like this in Bangkok! :mrgreen:
  14. Looks like lowes?

    The best place i found recently is hardware house near rayong. Not sure if they have one in bkk. They have things like helicoils, laser levels, porta power, copper pipe & fitting, threaded galvanized pipe and the list goes on! Also the prices are very good!

    PS took the cbr for a 60 kilometer spin last night and damm that engine sings a sweet tune. My z1k runs perfect but just doesnt have the same sound. Guess its just hard to explain....
  15. Ace Hardware actually; I like to support the small stores whenever I can.

    "Hardware House" eh? Will have to look that up when I return! Looks like they do have a Bangkok store:

    I've owned several Honda 600's starting with the original that started it all, the old Honda Hurricane so I know exactly what you mean!!

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