Installing a 3 gallon IMS tank on EFI Kawasaki KLX 250. A DIY guide.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by TonyBKK, May 17, 2014.

  1. We've been waiting a long time for an aftermarket tank for the fuel injected Kawasaki KLX 250. IMS has finally done it! Presenting the 3 gallon IMS tank for the EFI Kawasaki KLX 250:
    Note to the Pudgy Picture Thief: All text and images © Marc Nisam and Brian Ennion. All Rights Reserved.

    I bet this is the first EFI KLX in Thailand to sport one of these tanks. Respect to Brian for hounding IMS to get it done! :thumbup:




    The tank comes with detailed installation instructions and installation SHOULD have been a cinch, but we ran into a bit of a hiccup as you'll see... Let's get her done!


    Installation is pretty straightforward- you remove the original tank and then move the fuel pump from the old 7 liter tank to the new 3 gallon IMS tank-

    Seems pretty simple and straightforward, right?

    Well, it would be easy, if not for the fact that the fuel pump is NOT a regular pentagon... :shifty: It OUGHT to be installed like this with the fuel taps and wiring facing AFT-

    Seems someone at IMS goofed with this tank... Because the bolt pattern forms an IRREGULAR pentagon the fuel pump can only be installed in ONE orientation, and it turns out whoever made this tank accidentally placed the nuts in the exact opposite direction they should be, so the only way to install the fuel pump was with it turned 180 degrees from the way should be installed... Hmmm... Are ALL of their EFI tanks messed up like this or did Brian get a one-off? :?
    Nope: 20140517-171744. Nope: 20140517-171753. DISCO! 20140517-171813.

    With the fuel pump facing the wrong direction I had to make a longer connecting line:

    Also, with the fuel pump installed in the wrong direction the wiring is about ~4" short, so we had to bust out the soldering iron and lengthen it-

    Small pic so you can't see how ugly my soldering is ;)

    Fortunately the stock fuel line was long enough to connect the new tank to the throttle assembly, though it's a bit tight and probably ought to be replaced with a slightly longer line. Tank on:

    I was quite surprised to discover that IMS has supplied an extra long breather hose that will reach the pollution control evap canister, so any tree huggers out there can keep their pollution control functional while riding behind a soot belching bus or truck in the Land of Smiles ;)

    Close up of the connection between IMS vent hose and Kawasaki pollution control evap canister. The bottom port is normally connected to another vent in the original tank, but as the IMS tank has only 1 vent, we simply capped it:

    Finished product-

    Even better with an IMS sticker on it :mrgreen:
    Let the Good Times ROLL! KawasakiSmiley2
  2. Thanks again Tony for installing the tank.

    Great stuff.. Fuel light came on and off after I put a couple of litres in on the way home.

    So all good there too.

  3. Well done guys. It will be interesting to see how IMS respond to the odd fuel pump fitting set up.
  4. Unfortunately most of the after market tanks out there are for the Carb model..
    IMS are the only ones that to date have made an after market tank for the EFI..

    Though things change rapidly, not aware of any others out there at the moment.

    I wanted to keep the bike EFI and not convert to Carb..

    Except for the fuel pump... All good so far.

  5. Good job guys.

    The new tank looks like it fits like a glove, not bulky at all, unlike the larger after market tanks of old.

  6. G'day All,

    Had the following reply from IMS regarding the stuff up with the fuel pump.

    "Hi Brian,

    We have been made aware of the problem, and it is being addressed. It seems the “timing” of the fuel pump inserts is off. This is truly bizarre, because we’d run parts out of it previously with proper timing on those inserts, so it was changed at some point, obviously terribly mistakenly.

    We chopped up all the tanks we had left in stock with this issue, and it is undergoing the changes now. Not sure of an ETA for a new one just yet, but hopefully it will be a matter of weeks.

    For your trouble, perhaps we can send you a pair of foot pegs free of charge?

    My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience it caused you.


    Good news is.. Any one else ordering should not have the same problem..
    A good reason why I am not usually the first to buy the latest and greatest and let others find the problems / bugs first.
    Broke my own rule.. 5555

  7. ^ Glad to see you got a quick reply from IMS and that they are aware of the problem. Not that you need them, but enjoy your new footpegs! :mrgreen:
  8. Thoughts....
    1. Nice range addition, and the tank looks great.
    2. Use shrink tubing on those solder joints
    3. What a great company response from IMS. Although chopping the tanks seems a bit
    radical. They should have offered them at a discount, as it seems you pretty easily
    were able to bypass the fitting problem.
    4. Brian, send IMS a letter and tell them all your friends are demanding free high capacity fuel
    tanks from you, so better to send you the tanks instead of chopping them.
  9. Thanks for all the pics and information TonyBKK! I have been waiting over 4 years for a larger EFI KLX 250 fuel tank, so glad!
  10. Me too.. wait so long time...
    this answer from IMS....
    This tank has not been completely finished yet and I apologize for the extremely long wait, we have made more changes to the mold itself and are hoping this will be the final revision.

    Thank you .This tank has not been completely finished yet and I apologize for the extremely long wait, we have made more changes to the mold itself and are hoping this will be the final revision.

    Thank you .
  11. What date did you get the message above?

    I have the tank.. but the QA was a bit slack..
    As Tony mentioned the Pentagon is messed up and goes on back to front.

    IMS have been good about it.. Asked me to destroy the current tank and they will send a new one.

    Pic below of destroyed tank :) Not every day you get to do this.


    Luckily I have two KLX's and it is the rainy season.. So no big drama one being out of action.

  12. 13 days ago...
    Hello Amr.

    I apologize for the delay on your gas tank, This specific model has gave us nothing but trouble with the sealing area for the fuel pump. We want to make sure that we have done all we can to produce a good fuel tank.

    Robert told you that your tank would ship in error. I apologize for the bad information.

    This tank has not been completely finished yet and I apologize for the extremely long wait, we have made more changes to the mold itself and are hoping this will be the final revision.

    Thank you .


    From: amr wnk [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2014 5:31 AM
    To: IMS Products
    Subject: Good news .. When ?

    Hello Robert
    " We have processed your order and will be shipped out today.
    Thank You,
    Robert IMS "

    2 months pass . When we will receive the good news about gas tank ?

    Thank you

  13. Be happy.. You are hopefully getting a ridgy-didge.. complete tank with no issue.

    I am happy to wait a bit longer if that turns out the case.. Don't need any more issues:)

    Just to add..IMS have been nothing but up front and honest with the entire thing in my dealings.
    - So full marks there.

  14. Quick update.

    It seems IMS have been undergoing some staff issues.
    Two people I have been dealing with via email have left and before that asking the same questions.
    - I kinda got annoyed and said I have sent everything twice and to look back through my emails as there are plenty.

    Today.. a very apologetic email.. Informing me the tank will be in by this Friday
    Confirming my address and offer of free hat and t-shirt..

    As expected all along..IMS people are good and trying to do the right thing.. Just some what disorganised.

    If you have been speaking the Jack or Brett they have both left.
    Suggest you send in a new email and start again if no one has contacted you already.

  15. Now I think standard tank is enough for the distance 160 km per tank (before show alarm) in Laos trip
    then search village for bottle gasoline. No idea to need it (big tank) not wait it in next trip.. :)
  16. Quick update..

    The new improved / updated designed tanks are in stock.

    My warranty replacement was shipped on Friday FOC.

    Fingers crossed all good.
    Will certainly make use of this in the coming riding season :)

  17. thank you krabb . today i will contack to ims.. :)
  18. @TonyBKK
    My tank is on it's way as I type. I am planning to rip out all the evap stuff, pair valve is already blocked. Was wondering if you had any thoughts on the vent from tank and line from canister to throttle body area? Would simply blocking them work?
    I've not done any research yet and currently do not fully understand how the system operates.
  19. Congrats!

    Your tank still needs to be able to vent as the fuel heats up and expands and cools and contracts.

    I bought a bunch of these cheapie dirtbike tank vents off eBay- gets the job done!

  20. Thanks,
    I have ordered some myself. It's my understanding these are one way valves to stop fuel spillage if you end up lying down.
    Therefore tank would pressure up if there was heat expansion (bike sitting in sun), I would imagine if build up of pressure in tank then these would simply pop off, no drama?
  21. I got my hands on one of the new run of tanks in natural. Hopefully I'll have time to get it installed this weekend. Will report back once I have it sorted. IMG_3058_zps9d661321. IMG_3060_zpsc2e712d7.
  22. Got the new tank on today without too much trouble. Only fiddly parts are getting the rubber grommet on to the new rear tank mount, and getting the o-ring sealing the fuel pump to the tank to lay flat while torquing it down. While I like being able to see fuel level through the translucent plastic, if I had it to do over I'd probably get the black over the natural color for cosmetic reasons. IMG_30641_zpsab814d30.
  23. Nice one..

    Had my new tank installed by Dirtshop..

    So far so good.. Will need to take it for a few rides and check the fuel level after sitting.

    But no slow leak around the o-ring this time.. Looks like they have fixed that fault.

    The pentagon is the right way around too.. So the cables fit properly now..

  24. great & glad with you Brian. :) But me wait around 4-5 days.. for new tank.

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