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    What insurance companies are you using for your big bikes?

    My insurance broker switched my Versys to Thai Sri as he said at the time they offered better cover for big bikes than the company I was using. Last year when it came do for renewal he recommended I switch to MSIG as they were having problems processing claims with Thai Sri. My Triumph XCx insurance is coming up and I asked the broker to quote me for MSIG. Quote was 9,000 baht higher than the NSI insurance I got from the dealer.

    My wife has had two accidents in the past 12 years and the insurance didn't do squat for us. In fact the second accident the body shop they took the car to destroyed the car and we ended up selling it for peanuts to get ride of it. I've had one accident in 12 years. It was 3 months after I bought a new truck. I got T-boned by a 14 year old boy on a scooter and the police said it was my fault and the dealer supplied insurance refused to pay although it was clearly the boys fault as he ran into the side of my truck.

    Are any of the companies truly better than another? Or is it even worth paying for more than the compulsory insurance and bail bond cover? I carry expat health insurance for me and the wife so I'm not worried about medical cover if I have an accident.
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  3. DavidFL

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    Thai Siri has always worked for me, although I've only had one claim.
    The GTR recommended insurance broker BSI can make recommendations if you want to contact him via the insurance page on GTR.
    However for a long time he has recommended Thai Siri I think you will find.

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