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  1. Azoulay

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    Dear Friends,

    Anyone would have a good advice for insuring a big (and costfull) bike. My wife phoned to the insurance company who uses to cover our cars but the decline for the bike.

    Of course, I have the mandatory minimum insurance, but I think that won't be enough.

    Does anyone would have knowledge around this I completly ignore in Thailand, what to do, where to suscribe, is there a distinction between for instance Japanese bikes and others ???...

    Many thanks by advance.
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  3. tomdegerth

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    Yes there is. Thai Sri Insurance, not long ago they started to insure other big bikes than HD. Call Daniel on 028787156, he will email u details.
    The full insurance (fire, theft, total loss) for my -02 R1, was about 25-30k per year. It was insured at 300k in case of total loss.

  4. monsterman

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    Most insurance companies will only offer comprehensive 1st class insurance on bikes up to 6 years old . After that its Theft and Government accident cover only.

  5. dotcom

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    I spoke to Daniel who said he can't insure any bike under 1000 cc. Cheers.
  6. tropicaljohno

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    Below is email I just received from my broker.
    He is a Farang who can read and speak Thai so no problem understanding the policy issued

    If interested send us an email and I will give you his details.
    I have been using him for a couple of years now.


    I offer fully comprehensive insurance for Harleys, BMWs and large Japanese bikes with engines over 900 cc.

    I know I can cover bikes up to 10 years old, in some cases older ones are accepted.

    Please send a copy of the registration with a completed application form for a quote.

    I also have to take 4 photos of the bike before the policy can be issued.

    Happy New Year,


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