IRC knobbly Tyres-are they any good ?

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  1. I need a new front knobbly tyre for the DRZ
    Currently running Japanese Bridgestone, cost around $65 in Phnom Penh
    IRC knobblies (made in thailand ??) now available for ~$40 for the front wheel.
    Interested to hear comments.
    Are the IRC good value, or, false economy and perhaps better paying more for Japanese Bridgestone or Dunlop ?
  2. Hi Bill,
    I have Used alot of them and Had No Problems at all. :D Mine are the VOLCANDURO. The latest Big Seller here at the Moment is "QUICK" Made in Thailand they are a Re-Labeled Thai Dunlop, Same Factory. I am Trying them and all good so far :wink: Not Sure if they are available in Cambodia? You should have No Problem on a Normal Bike but if You have a Hot DRZ or a Big Power Dirt Bike i have heard of the knobs ripping off when the Tyre gets older and Perishes :shock: Of Course if you use Your Bike alot they Won't Last that long :wink:
  3. Hi Ian
    Thanks for the info.
    Just received some info from a local shop.
    They reckon the IRC is no problem in the dirt but a bit unstable on hardtop at highway speeds.
    Question then is are the made in Japan knobblies any better on hardtop.
    Its mainly for dualsport touring (50/50 highway/dirt) but I want the luxury of a front knobbly in the sand.
  4. "Made in Japan" is generally way better and way more expensive.
    Excuse my ignorance, but is "knobbly" a mix of "knobby" and "wobbly"?
  5. I've burned up a few IRC and agree with Ian. From what you say, I'd maybe go with something more 70/30. A similar tire would be a Dunlop 603 or 605 but they are pricey in Cambodia. I did find them at the Chinese Market in PP but don't remember the price. If it's only a little sand here and there, I was mixing the tire set, full knobbly front and the 605 on the rear in Cambodia, served me well.

    The one tire that I did find that lasted the longest was the Dunlop 739, full knobbly lasted quite some time. It was made in Thailand as well.
  6. Ended up getting another Dunlop D745F knobbly for the front.
    Cost $73 fitted in Phnom Penh .
    The last one was on the bike for 14000km!!, although its sandworthiness was probably over at ~10,000km.
    Still running a cheapo 50/50 tyre on the back which combined with the quality front knobbly seems a good compromise for dualsport riding.

    Hows that trip info on Southern Laos going, any updates coming ?

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