Is North Thailand safe due to Myanmar situation ?

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by ozzee, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. ozzee

    ozzee New Member

    I am going to Thailand early next year and apart from visiting the touristic places down south I wanted to explore more the Northern side. Chaing Mai, Mae-Hong Son, Pai and the Golden Traingle since i heard it has some good roads for bikers ! (Chiang Rai and around) but i am a bit concerned since these places are not far away from the Myanmar border and the former Burma is not very stable at the moment. Any of you travellers out there have been there recently ? or someone can tell me if I am too paranoid or not please ? Most of all I want to experience some mountains, nature, village tribes and good scenery.[;)]


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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Yep paranoid would be my vote.
    I was in Tachilek earlier today & apart from the flooding I thought the situation appeared "normal".


    Dont worry about it, stop dreaming, come & do it.
  4. ozzee

    ozzee New Member

    thanks for your quick reply this forum is really good i am finding it helpful. thats what i was hoping the reply would be ! I am definetly going for it even though not with my own bike for now, i am assuming renting a bike from there to explore the place is viable. I ll have 28 days in thailand, i am planning to visit both south and north. I hope 2 weeks up north and two weeks down south (roughly) will not be too short!
    Thanks again

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  5. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    No matter how long you come for....... its always too short, so many places to explore over here, but guaranteed, you will have fun and end up coming back for more
  6. ozzee

    ozzee New Member

    Well thank alot for your reply and a good joke too LOL ! :) what i meant was : will be able to get a decent look up north maybe 3 or 4 place and then go down south after that and hope another 3 or 4 islands ? i i know that from up north to down south Thailand is fairly large.
  7. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    if you only have a month, plan carefully what you want to see and do. 4 islands down south would probably be too many if you are up north as well, its good to spend a couple of days on some of the islands to get the feel of the place, and you always end up spending a day each time you move on.

    many years ago I had 2 weeks to visit the Greek islands, and was told only do 3 max as otherwise you would end up travelling for too long and not being able to enjoy islands visited.

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