Is there Visa on Arrival for Laos at Veun Kham

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  1. I will be entering Laos from Cambodia in January through the Southern Laos entry at Veun Kham (Cambodia Stung Treng)

    Is the Laos side issuing visas on arrival yet at this crossing ?

    What about permitting and insurance for motorbikes?

    A year ago it was still neither of the above.
  2. no visa on arrival [email protected] Veun kam u mut get visa from Laos embassy Phnom Pehn
  3. Panok
    Do you know if the Laos customs issue entry permits for motorbikes entering Laos at Veun Kham ?
  4. I've custom paper from Thailand to present to Loas no problem too easy to cross this border but problem is Dom Kalor border .... officer here was so tricky . you've to pay som " processing fee" to custom
  5. I entered Laos at Veum Kham on 17-01-09.
    Cambo customs required temporary export papers for my bike which I was supposed to get in Stung Treng.
    I had to pay $10 tea money to avoid a trip back to ST.
    Laos immigration require $1 mon to fri and $2 on weekends to stamp your passport. Same on exit.
    Laos customs couldn't be stuffed to give me temporary import papers and said no need.
    It was a Sunday.
    A friend of mine went thru a few days earlier on a weekday and got import papers, cost $5.
    On exit I decided I couldnt be stuffed stopping at Laos customs and rode straight through to immigration which is 7km down the road.
    Cambo immigration didnt ask for money on entry or exit.
    As for insurance in Laos, I went to an agl office in Pakse and got 10 days insurance for my DRZ400, cost 60,000kip, ~$8.

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