Is this possible????

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  1. Hi!

    In the moment we travel through southeast asia and planning to leave this area to Kathmandu in Nepal by air, of course. [:I]
    We can't find any reports about transport from Chiang Mai to Nepale.
    Has anybody made this???
    Is it possible? [?]

    It seems that everything runs through the capital Bangkok. But we don't like the big cities. So we look for an alternative.[:eek:)]

    Any experiences?

    Thanks a lot
    Tanja & Christian
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  3. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    Hallo Christian,

    glaube kaum, dass Du in C.M. viele Frachtfirmen am Flughafen findest, wenn überhaupt. Fahr' nach BKK, der Flughafen ist ja auch nicht mitten in der Stadt.....Dort hat's die bekannten Spediteure.


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