Isle of Man TT 2013

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    It's almost that time again and for those of us too poor or too busy to go, ITV 4 has coverage starting on Monday 27th. How to get ITV4 in LOS? I use a fairly new company Link removed where you can watch all UK BBC & ITV progs plus Australian Network, Sky News etc for around 6,000 baht/yr. The quality is much better than getting Iplayer via a VPN IMO as long as you have a reasonable internet connection. I use All Share Cast to wirelessly transmit from my Samsung Note 10.1 to my TV and the quality is close to HD. Thai Expat TV offer a three day trial so well worth checking out.
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    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the greatest motorcycle race on earth to start .....:happy2:

    I personally will be downloading each race in HD quality from my NZB newsgroup or a torrent site.....whichever has them posted first! :thumbup:

    Good luck to the awesome Team Honda with John McGuinness, Michael Rutter & Michael Dunlop & lets see if that quirky chappy Guy Martin on his Tyco Suzuki get a result for 2013. :clap:


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