Isle of Man TT run

Discussion in 'Global Trip Reports' started by Marco, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Guys
    we will be in Douglas 20th September and we have one englishlad here with me and we are planning to do run over the TT race course with rented R1 bikes.

    is there any GTR guys in the island that time?
    would be nice to hook up.

    Will try to get some pictures also if the weather is suitable for riding
  2. you should talk to Jonadda John, I did a ride with him and Keith was in the group. Keith is a very interesting character and loves riding, he lives on the Isle of Man. John will know how to reach him, Keith spends much time in CM.
  3. Jonadda John said Keith is in CM. Will PN his mobile to you.

    Is Emirates flying the 380 to Ldn? Might be fun to ride this small plane and then to continue to the Is. of M. With a little stop over in Dubai in one of these 5 Stars hotels for little money. I've heard that such deals are around for Emirates.


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