It's getting more expensive to cross at Poipet

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  1. Yesterday, the first time since 2004, I crossed into Cambodia at Aranyaprethet. While the immigration officers are curteous, the farang still gets subjected to touts who "adopt" him, Without any encouragement by the sucker, of course. These touts first try to lead the sucker to an "authorized travel agency" some 200 m before the border.

    At the Cambodian side, there is a canteen. An officer collects 1,000 Baht plus a photo (which won't be used in the normal way, what is this all about?). Then disappears for 5 minutes.

    The tout feeds some b.s. story about the need to pay "500 Baht' to get stamped in and out. I ignore the guy, but cant prevent him from following like my shadow.

    Across the street, on the right is a small wood booth with seats for 3. Named "Immigration Information". Here, these clowns want to collect 300 Baht to get stamped in and out at once

    Just gimme the entry stamp and I will say hi on my way out for the exit stamp.

    I'm bathing in shame and remorse - I negotiated 200 Baht.

    An officer jumps on his bike and brings the passport back: VISA = voided as "used", entry and exit stamps all made. Welcome to Cambodia as an illegal who is supposed to have left the country again. :x Chris
  2. Poipet is fu%êd for ANY crossing, scammers, thieves, corrupt customs officials. I have crossed Poipet via bus and it was a big hassle.

    The crossing at Koh Kong is no hassle whatsoever, the only hassle you have on the Cambo side is the touts that offer to fill in you paperwork for you. But a beer, sit down, fill it in yourself, pay the CORRECT visa price and move on. About 3 or 4 km over the border, there is a small shack with cops, they will want to see your visa, them you head into the mountains, on the Thai built road, cross over four new Thai built bridges, and roll on down to the T junction at the end of the KK Road. Left to PP, right to Snookyville. KK to PP is roughly 5 hours, to Snookyville, 2 and a bit hours, lots of lorries on this route so be carefull.
  3. The riding time given to Snookyville was from the T- junction, not the border crossing. Remember to top up either in Thailand with the lovely gasohol, or just over the border in town, at a petrol station. The roadside petrol available on the mountain road can be well dont need a gacked up carb in the mountains!!!

    If you must buy roadside petrol, smell it, check it. If the seller has to shake the bottle before pouring it in, give it a miss!

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