JBR : From Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai and back

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  1. Due to not having my laptop this JBR is a bit late 3 weeks after my tour, but never mind.

    I took of via route 12 to Chumpae again, another 100km boring straight road. Then thru the beautiful road & mountains of Nam Nao. Even after have been riding it about 10 times now it is still a beautiful ride.

    From Lok Sak I took route 203 (again) to Dan Sai for early lunch at the coffee shop & restaurant in the main street. From there the beautiful country side route 2113 to Na Heao. I had planned to stay there overnight but it was just a bit after lunch time so I continued along route 1268 to Ban Khok where I did find a lovely small resort "MK Resort" just 4km from the Lao border. In this area are 2 Border Markets and I had planned to visit Bo Bia the next day early in the morning.

    This is such a beautiful area with grea roads and beautiful scenery. So the next day I first did visit the border market Chet Thon where was an market the day before via route 1268 (really?). Well there was nobody so I could easily ride straight into Laos without anyone stopping me. Actually I did for 100m and made a U-turn as there was not much road.

    Then I continued my ride to Bo Bia via route 1123 and did visit the market. The market is actually in a kind of no-mans-land but there is something that looks like an border check. It was busy with Lao people buying Thai things.

    From Bo Bia I went a bit back and then to Nan where I did stay at "Nan Boutique Hotel", good place with private parking. From Nan I took the scenic route via route 1143 to Chiang Kham and then to Phayao. Wow route 1143 is a great road with good tarmac and stunning views. Not a good place to get a flat tyre.


    While on the way to Chiang Mai via route 120 I did meet RonWebb and while riding I Chiang Mai I suddenly saw David passing me. It is a small world!
    I stayed 2 night in Chaing Mai to meet old & new friends and made my ride back via Nakhon Thai (Plern Dow Resort), Khao Kho and Petchabun (Burapa Hotel).

    It was a great trip with good road, good weather (only once a little heavy but short rain near Nan) and I saw only 1 accident all the way (and 100's of almost accidents).

    I made a trip report with more information and photos at http://changnoi1.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-motorbike-trip-from-khon-kaen-to.html
  2. Nice report and great pics on your blog :)

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