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    Just back from a great weekend to Dan Sai to see the Phi Ta Khon festival for the first time. The festival was fun to see so many people there and especially all the small & old bikes with Thai kids ... 100's of them. It was also great to meet some other GTR members in Dan Sai and Loei. I am bad in remembering names (Ian, David, Tim .... ) but it was nice meeting you all. I will make it to CNX "soon".

    I left KK again early in the morning and was at Phu Hin Rong Khla at about 9am and the big parts of the mountain was in the clouds ... as I was also. Great, until I realized I could actually not see more 10m in front of me and had more or less to guess where the curves are. First my visor fogged up, then flipped it open and then my glassed fogged up. So had to put my glassed down. Road up to Dan Sai where I did meet David and with the help from David I was lucky to have the last room of Dan Sai. Well room .... no airco, no hot water, no shower but just a bucket. Never mind, it is just for sleeping and the bed was good. Later in the day I did meet the others (Ian, Tim and ...... ) and something to eat and more to drink. The next day was the festival and after that we all left to Loei.

    As being a bit loony toon and slow turtle I did ride on my own and took the long way to Loei. Wow what a beautiful route is the 2113 to Na Haeo and then the 2195 along the border and then to 2294 to Phu Ruea (and then the 203 to Loei). Mostly perfect good roads and stunning views. Again in Loei I was lucky as the King Hotel was actually fully booked but a tour-group had just canceled 1 room (sorry guys).

    Followed was another night out in Loei that started with a good dinner at Chris Steak House (great pizza) and more drinks. The next day I took the easy way back to KK and arrived with a little bit rain in back home.

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    Changnoi1 good meeting up with you in Dan Sai / Loei.
    I too enjoyed my ride down, but from Chiang Mai.
    20 kms out of Chiang Mai it started to pour with rain, so my waterproofs went on before Lamphun. I was not a happy rider so early on in the 400 kms ride to Dan Sai.


    5 kms later on it cleared up, however my rain gear did not come off until "Den Chai " & the R11 / Uttarardit turn off, by which time I was wet through with sweat - the luck of the game.

    It was however a dry ride the rest of the way to Dan Sai, during the festival & then again on the 480 kms return ride from Loei - Chiang Mai. Whoopee = that's a winner for wet season.

    A few happy snaps from me....

    The TAT is onto the festival now & likes to make a grand show

    These guys & gals some how looked a little out of place....

    And to get the show seriously underway

    a gentle reminder that it is a fertility festival


    after going to so many Phi Ta Khon festivals I like to sit back& watch the people.

    They are some incredible characters participating & watching.







    The Som Tam gal
    flat out, doing a brisk trade.

    Some heavy duty musos..

    anyone for a light beer Leo

    Hmong gals

    a study in sizes

    Not 100% sure about this one

    No problem here



    What was missing this year = the party atmosphere. Why? Because it was declared an alcohol free festival with no beer garden / food court or booths selling alcohol allowed in the centre of town.
    In previous years the food court & beer garden with music has been the centre of attracton & activities at night time, but this year ZILCH.
    Many locals were complaining. The logic - beats me.

    It was still however a fun time with huge crowds on the Saturday main parade day.
    Will go back again next year - probably.
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    Looks like good fun, even without the booze, though I'm willing to bet if one looked around a bit one could find some alcohol.
    Or maybe this gent is a BYOB kinda guy? ;)

    Great pics! Hope to hit this festival next year!
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    We had No problem getting enough to keep Us happy Tony but the Beer Garden used to be a lot of Fun! Never mind still a Fun Trip. I will post some more Pictures in the following Days, Busy at the Moment! All the Best Guys and Great Trip!
  5. Ian Bungy

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    Our Trip to the "Pi Ta Kon" Festival in Dan Sai started on Friday Morning where We meet up at the Big PTT on the Main Road heading out of Chiang Mai on the way to Lamphun. Here I meet up with Mark on His Fat Bob, David and Partner on their Ninja and Richard on His Versys. The Guys ready to go.
    We left about 9:30 and rode a nice easy pace all the way stopping at Den Chai to refuel and have a Drink.
    On We went to Nakhon Thai where We had lunch before the Ride into Dan Sai. We got delayed for a while at some Road works where they were Clearing the Hillside and Large Rocks were falling onto the Road so all Traffic had to wait until it was cleared.


    Rode into Dan Sai arriving around 3pm, meet up with David and decided to have a Beer and that was where I stayed till 6 before heading to My Room. The Others came down later and also meet up with Chiangnoi1 and a Thai Guy on a 1500 Goldwing.


    After a Shower We went for a look around and more refreshments. There was Quite a Crowd at the end of Town.
    They had a Big Stage set up for Entertainment.
    But Sadly No Beer Garden!!! Still managed a Ripper of a Night!
    Saturday. After a Slow Start We all meet up again for Breakfast in town and picked a good location to watch the Parade.


    This Guy could do with a Good Wash and a Decent Feed!!!

    Once the Parade had finished we jumped on Our Bikes and went to the Resort where some of the Guys were staying ready for the Ride to Loei. There was a Thai Guy staying at the Same Resort on a Beautiful Yamaha R1 "Rossi Replica" Unfortunately He had a Crash on Friday which Resulted in this!!!




    Incredible as it may seem He walked away with nothing more than a Bruised Leg and of course Ego!!! The Bike had it's Front End Ripped Completely off! The Sliders saved the Sides of the Bike but I am Doubtful it is worth Rebuilding as it needs a Complete front end including the Dash Board, Gauges etc? Given it is Thailand it is quite Possible it will be on the Road again some day? Not Nice to See!!!
    When We left there was so much Traffic it was all at a standstill going on the Main Road through Town so i suggested We go around the back where there was No Traffic for a Shortcut? This Turned out to be a Long Cut as ended up doing a Huge Loop out in the Country side coming back through Phu Rua I think? Anyway it was a beautiful Road and a lot of the Surface was all new so a Lovely Afternoons Ride! We arrived in Loei late afternoon, Checked into the Kings Hotel Showered and it was Beer O'Clock Time again! Chiangnoi1 and David meet up with us later as well.


    I Love sitting out the Front of this Hotel and watching everyone Pass by, Great Fun and very Entertaining so of course many Beverages were Consumed. In the Evening We all headed down to Chris Steak & Pizza Restaurant and continued with a Great Evening there!!! Unfortunately Most of My Pictures from there are To Blurred to use, I can't think Why? Here's One!
    A Local Expat in His 70's Owns this Harley! We continued onto a Great Local Nightlife Scene and had a Ball until the Wee Hours!!! Sunday We were up and headed off around 9am on Our way back to Chiang Mai. Had a Very Fast and event free ride all the way Home and Incredibly again We did the Entire Trip without any Rain!!! Fantastic Time and Great to meet up with a few New Guys. All the Best till the Next Trip!!!

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