Jiew Charoen Yon Bike Parts Imports

Hi folks,

This outfit imports 2nd hand parts and bikes from Japan. We saw about 50 big bikes in the shop, plus about 50 engines and bikes in various stages of disassembly. Most of the bikes were big choppers, with a good number of other types of medium and big bikes as well. They told us that they import the parts directly from Japan and sell all over Thailand.

There are also a large number of very used looking big tyres lying around. They are probably useful in an emergency only.

If you don't speak Thai ring one of the mobile numbers, as they speak English.

The location is in Doembang Nangbuat (~ 45km N of Suphanburi) on h'way 3032, about 100m from the jct. with h'way 340 on the S side.
GPS: N14.80842 E100.11862

It's strange to find such a well-stocked big bike place in such an unlikely small town. We were actually looking for a mountain bike for myself and were sent to them by my sister-in-law. They did have about 6 somewhat sad looking bicycles outside, all imported from Japan, no less.

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