Job offer - near PP. What is the market for new and used bikes like?

Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by hs0zfe, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Excuse my ignorance, I've only made Visa runs to Cambodia and know nothing about the country or what kind of bikes they sell.
    Is there a market for second hand big bikes?

    Can one buy big bikes made in Thailand for comparable prices?

    Some time ago, I read here a report by someone who brought in a bike from overseas. While it was a hassle, it wasn't a royal PITA as it's in Thailand.
    Does this mean there is an okay selection of used bikes in the country?

    Ownership documents - are those an issue? ("Recycled Green Books" are common here in Thailand)

    Please share some tips about buying a bike in Cambodia.

  2. Are you in Cambodia or Vietnam now then Chris?

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