Jonadda's Favorite 5 day Loop

Oct 6, 2006
Hello All [8D]

I want to say thanks to John and Mac @ Jonadda's Guest House.
After the great week or more of riding partying and fun i've had.[:D]
After Turning up in Chiang Mai, with my bike gear and reading a lot of this site.[:)]
I was ready to go after recovering from your typical pretrip hangover
took off for 5 days on a honda CB400 for a fun ride starting
in Chiang Mai to Nan 1st day
then the Doi Phukha loop and staying in Pua.
off the next morning to off Chiang Khong with some fantastic road sections of sweet corner after corner.[:p]
A short ride the next Day across to Mai Sai, for some touristy stuff
like pics and the golden Triangle and typical Boarder town souviner hunting.
With the final day back to Chiang Mai for a few stubbies,
with some more smooth perfect camber sweet Black licorice coated Twisty roads.
Cheers Mate.
'Blat' Racing
Brake Late and Turn