Just back from a tour in Cambodia and Laos

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    Together with GreenKawaBird I did made a tour (both with an Kawasaki Versys) from Khon Kaen to Souther Laos, crossing the border at Chonk Mek and passing Pakse. From Pakse we did ride via the Bolevean plateau to Attapeu and back again to go all the way down south to Don Khong and Don Dhet.

    After southern Laos we went to Cambodia to ride along the Mekong river via Stung Treng, Kratie and Kampong Cham to Phnom Penh. After 3 days R&R in PP we continued along the Tongle sap via Kampong Chhang to Battambang. After 2 days exploring Battambang we headed back to Thailand via Pailin and Pon Nam Rong to Chantaburi, Ban Phe and Pattaya. And after 3 days R&R in Pattaya it was time for our last leg home via Kabinburi and Wang Nam Keauw back to Khon Kaen.

    It was a great trip and I learned that Thai roads are actually good and that Thai people do actually not ride & drive that bad!
    Also learned that southern Laos and Cambodia are for riding touring-bikes a bit boring as the limited surfaced roads are flat, while there are many nice off-road tracks.

    Well I did write a full report at http://changnoi1.blogspot.com/2012/12/motorbike-trip-thailand-laos-cambodia.html

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  3. brian_bkk

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    Nice pics Chiang Noi.. Looks like you had a blast..

  4. Billy Baht

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    Same here, great pics- thanks for sharing
  5. DavidFL

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    Looks like a super time with loads of varied riding conditions.
    Did you do anything in the 4000 Islands? How did you go riding onto / off Don Det? I slipped off on the narrow steep sandy board getting up onto the land..

    That Green Kwacka certainly looks sensational.
  6. Changnoi1

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    Hahahaha we did not ride on/off to Don Det .... we did park our bikes at the secured parking lot at the mainland.

    Chang Noi

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