Just been knocked of my Ducati and involved in a fight

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  1. ILess than 2 hours ago i was knocked off my ducati less than 300m from my home by a Thai man and Woman on a Honda wave who ran into me from behind , Luckily I was near,y at stop but still lost it and the bike fell on my left leg , Damage to me and the bike is minimal, broken clutch lever and gear lever some paint scratches and on me bruising and some cuts , but thes 2 Thai Arseholes then attempted to ride off , but blocked by traffic i tried to stop them ....then things went crazy the guy started doing MUai thai Kicks until I threw him over the wall onto the rail track and the woman tried hitting me in the face with a stick so i headbutted her with my helmet,,,,,, a lot off blood so i reckon her nose was busted ....Some other nice Thai people came to my aid and a cop arrived but the man and his woman managed to ride off .

    The cop did not seem very interested he took my details and says thay will try and trace the man and woman , i went to the clinic to have my cuts dressed and now i am looking at my bike drinking tea and feeling very angry. trying to jai yen.
  2. Hi Jerry,

    Wow,Sounds like a Hollywood Stunt... nothing close like this ever happened to me. Forgive me but i had to smile ...not that i wish anything bad to anyone...but your enthusiasm to get it right sorted amazed me.

    Hope you get them to justice although realistically it is not much chance.
    I hope your anger passes and try to change the drink...

    Happy trails,

  3. Hi Jerry,

    Very sorry for you but what the good reason it happened ? Quite strange since my years in LOS i never encounter such issue, isn't it proper of Pattaya unsecurity ?

    Anyway, I wish you a very prompt recovery for you and the bike...

    Keep on the Power !
  4. Frankly, I would have reacted the same as you ..

    One can never understand the Asian logic or lack of logic as is often the case. Glad youre still in one piece.
  5. Oh dear....
  6. I gotta go and see the police tommorow ,they have the woman she went to the hospital in Sattahip to get her nose fixed apparently she was high on yabba ...so they know who the guy is..i want 10000 baht to fix the damage .

    wonder if the cops will try to shake me down? but i have been here before and won.

    I have already had the broken gear lever fixed and hope to get a clutch lever tommorow ,but i ache all over now and feel crap.

    still plan to go Cambodia on thursday now.
  7. This sure is good news and hope that you get the 10000 thb too. If you won before you can do it again :) All the best and hope you recover from your aches swiftly,

    happy trails,

  8. If they're yaba fiends that explains why they ran into you and also why they didn't want to wait around for the police either.

    doubt you will get any money out of them in any case... I guess roughing them up a bit will have to do as punishment. as well as going to jail for yaba use/dealing...
  9. Always fun to get in a tussle while wearing a helmet and armor :mrgreen:
    Glad you're ok and hope those fiends go to jail for a good long while.
  10. Monsterman...
    I'm almost surprised that our local boys in brown didn't fine you as your fallen Ducati was obstructing traffic :shock:

    Actually, I was sorry about your misfortune, but quite pleased to read that your got some good licks in and that BIB actually went to the trouble of finding the woman at the Sirikit Navy Hospital, in Sattahip. I hope you can get back some of your repair costs.
  11. This story can turn around on you - of course I hope it won't!
    If these bums find some "witnesses" who say the accident was your fault, and you then followed them and started a fight, injuring them, you may be in hot water.
    Do you know any influential cops or high standing people who may intervene on your behalf if it comes to that?
  12. If it comes to that, you need to hire a good lawyer who then knows said police. That's what being a lawyer in Thailand is all about - knowing the "bigger" police.

    But from the way this sounds these were just some yaba addicts so very little chance anyone cares for them much.
  13. Went down to police station this morning on Soi all all is OK for me but the Thai man and woman are in the lockup for possesion of Yabba and running from an accident.....I doubt they will have any money to compensate me ...the bike is fixed and tommorow i am riding to Sianoukville for some R&R.

    I have no faith in Thai lawyers or the law ..I had a top Bangkok Lawyer with excellent connections who won my fraud case against a large real estate company and the judge awarded me 4m baht but the police had already dome a back deal with the Dutch real estate guy when he was arrested for drugs and peadophilia ..he has over $50m worth of assets here in Pattaya and I got the courts to freeze 40m bahts worth of his assets including 2 house in Siam Royal View, but after he paid off the police The frozen assets suddenly became property of Policemens families so i cannot recover my court award.yes some of his lower minions got jail including an English scumbag but the man with the money is still free to operate. Oh and how did they abtain a copy of my Chanut so they could fraudulantly sell my property? simple the Thai woman who provided the forged copy document works in the Land office and is the Niece of a senior chonburi police officer.......she has been shifted from Pattaya to Rayong land office.

    My Thai lawyer is a decent chap ,he is an adviser to the PAD and en ex democrat MP but even he said that only a root and branch reform would sort out problems like this ,The police in Chonburi are corrupt to the core and money will trump anything.

    Thats why i no longer conduct any business here , I do it all outside thailand now ..12 years I did good business here with no problem but things have got much worse in the last 3 years.
  14. Jerry good to see you have not forgotten your fighting skills and that you survived this teribble episode with only minor bike damage.
    I personally would have taken to these idiots with a hammer,as every bike garage has one,a very handy form of defence.
  15. Interesting Thai people came to your aid. They are not all bad folk, jerks are everywhere. Cops here never get excited if they have a license number. Obviously the woman was going to be easy to find. Forget about the money take their bike. That should be in impound eventually.

    Cops are easy guys they want to play you, just tell them you want to go to court. Broken clutch few scratches on the bike some bruises. A lot of self satisfaction. Sounds like you came out OK :wink:

    You have no idea how many times I have wised I had done the same thing. Jai Yen may be what we strive for but so far I have never found it to be satisfying. :roll:

    Glad your Ok could have easily went the other way, instead of being helped you could have been attacked by the crowd.
  16. Funny stuff! I would have paid money to see her Ya-ba face when you threw her Muay Thai master over the wall. She must have been high to attack you after seeing that. LOL!
  17. bullshit1.

    Jerry - hammers against gunmen with eyeballs flying about the place? Now this? Take your Batman costume off and get real FFS........


  18. Sorry to hear about this Jerry .take care as long u are safe is ok..

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