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  1. G'Day boy's, having a bit of a rest day today up here in Umphang so I thought I'd catch up on a bit of ride reporting.

    So after my night in the Pink Power resort we hit the road early heading up to Kanchanaburi. I like the place but stay out of town a little bit...Banyang Resort... Will post coordinates later but lovely owners... Bloody questionable dogs though one of whom nicked off with my Asian Safety Boot (read thong) but fortunately I got it back unmolested.

    Anyhoo... Always take time to visit and pay respects to members of our Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice. Never fails to bring a tear to the eye.

    Lest We Forget IMG_20170721_152914. IMG_20170721_160832. IMG_20170720_163254. IMG_20170723_144627. IMG_20170723_145307. IMG_20170723_144242.
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  2. The Death Railway museum was outstanding. Immaculately kept and I believe Australian built it truly does illustrate the immense sacrifice these men made and is testimony to the resilience of the human spirit to be able to survive in such appalling conditions. Something like 100,000++ men, civilians and allied servicemen alike died to construct 400 odd klms of Railway. IMG_20170723_144330. IMG_20170723_144601. IMG_20170723_144156. IMG_20170723_144146. IMG_20170723_144029.
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  3. Day whatever it was I was up at the crack of crack ready to go to Pilok... The missus reckons I'm a bit of a pillock for waking her up so early... I did mention something about early birds and worms but she took that for a sexual innuendo... Which of course it was... And told me to bugger off.

    Pilok.... Awesome place, and I would actually say that the road in is more dangerous currently than The Death Highway to Umphang. No doubt shorter but condition wise was in very bad shape. Numerous landslides and tree falls were evident with a section just before Pilok of maybe 20klms pot holed very badly. All this coupled with large amounts of jungle growing onto the road in some places made for some pretty dangerous riding conditions. Cars thankfully, far and few between, were driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid pot holes etc. Certainly kept me on my toes... In short though an excellent ride

    Arrived in Pilok but being a Saturday morning we found all rooms booked. Quick ride back to Etong and scored a great little bungalow in a new place directly opposite the cop shop. Bit pricey for me at 1000bht a night but figured spending up big on such a classy joint the missus would be up for a bit of slap and tickle... Turns out I got a slap and no tickle IMG_20170723_062952. IMG_20170723_061818. IMG_20170722_142622. IMG_20170722_142536. IMG_20170722_144216. IMG_20170722_144153. IMG_20170722_144251.

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  4. Headed out of Pilok to the twin border outposts of Thailand and Burma... The Thai guys were happy go lucky fellows... Probably because they could go home at night and shag their wives where as the Burmese soldiers probably had to make do with each other given the sour faces on them! That said though I did see one taking sneaky pics of the mighty Triumph Tiger and after impressing him with the entirety of my Burmese vocabulary... 8 words... and telling him I was from Aust A Lia... He did crack a smile and offer me a drag on his soggy Burmese Cheroot... No thanks though mate, I've got my own! IMG_20170722_102950. IMG_20170722_100947. IMG_20170722_102337. IMG_20170722_144622.
  5. I will also mention that the Thai soldiers let us walk down the hill into no man's land a few hundred meters... Following us at a distance... Even though it was completely fogged in the place is just awesome.... And a as cold as a Witches tit to I might add!!
  6. Another great ride & another GREAT report mate.
    A regular reader/contributor, and another Aussie I might add, Stu Lloyd wrote an extensive & comprehensive war history about the area in which you've traveled - an excellent point of reference if you ever need.
    There are also a number of riders from Chiang Mai who head down annually for the dawn service each year all well documented on this site.
    Keep the reports flowing, mate.
  7. Another informative and entertaining read, with great photos..Thanks Dave.

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