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  1. G'Day guy's, well, coming to Thailand for us poor westerners living in Malaysia is a lot more difficult now with the genius new land border rules so instead of the usual 7-8 trips a year we'll do maybe a couple of bigger rides instead....could be worse I suppose... Like having to work or something.

    Anyhoo... Been needing to scratch the itch from you blokes putting up all the great pics of the North and Northwest ...so with a ice cold Leo in hand, the scent of a mosquito coil burning and the near dead silence of my little guesthouse in Kanchanaburi here's the start of my little contribution.
  2. Report from the ride trip which is still in progress....I like that.
    I think you mentioned at FB this will be 6 weeks adventure?
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    IMG_20170718_084233. Relaxed 700+klms on day one from our house south of KL. New immigration centre open at the BKH border made things a lot quicker.

    Headed to our favourite place Lampam Resort at Phattalung... Forgot to get pics but easy to find just keep going straight through town till you run out of road. Great place with breakfast included at 700-900bht. Very close to the road out to the elevated hwy and Thale Noi
  4. Yes mate... Fourth day now
  5. To anyone riding this area the Thale Noi and the hwy are must sees... Flowers are in full bloom now and the scenery is awesome. Have ridden this area many times over the years and it's always excellent.... A good loop is to follow the elevated hwy through to Ranot then ride the coast road down to Songkhla IMG_20170717_174952. IMG_20170717_175553. IMG_20170718_084537. IMG_20170718_084623. IMG_20170718_084708. IMG_20170718_084850. IMG_20170717_175553. IMG_20170718_084850. IMG_20170718_084708. IMG_20170717_174952. IMG_20170717_175553. IMG_20170718_084537. IMG_20170718_084623. IMG_20170718_084708. IMG_20170718_084850.

    I did trust my darling wife to take pics but she's as useful as a concrete parachute sometimes so only a few I took
  6. Old mate there was giving his bullocks bollocks a damn good wash... And the bugger seemed to be enjoying it too!!! I gave the missus a nudge and a wink but she returned an equally enthusiastic blind eye and deaf ear.
  7. So, from the Thale Noi we headed up to Ranong.... Which can be avoided because there's sweet FA there... However food is good and the Burmese influence is evident and the 80 odd klm hop over from 41 is a good ride. IMG_20170719_063742. IMG_20170719_064008. IMG_20170719_064027.
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    IMG_20170719_062457. IMG_20170718_162044. We did try the recommended Luang Poj but there's no parking... Big no for me. But my tried and trusted method of riding around lost and then booting the missus off to investigate when we see something that looks good worked out great once again. I can recommend the great little Monprai Resort 500Bht a night with good secure parking
  9. IMG_20170718_162135. IMG_20170718_162230.
  10. Righto so day three going to head up 4 and get somewhere between Prachuap KK and Hua Hin.

    Enjoyable ride aside from the omnipresent road works and given its durian season... Which we are both crazy about... We took some time to head into the villages around Baan Khlong Chang / Noi.

    Durian lover's paradise!! IMG_20170719_101312. IMG_20170719_101526. IMG_20170719_101239.
  11. Stopped at the Kra Isthmus... Which you you fellas know all about but there's a new temple under construction just up the road which clearly is inspired by the magnificent Shwedagon pagoda in Rangoon and the balancing rock pagoda Kyaiktiyo in Mon State Burma. IMG_20170719_092954. IMG_20170719_092902. IMG_20170719_092621. IMG_20170719_092241. IMG_20170719_092613. IMG_20170719_092713. IMG_20170719_092536.
  12. A word of warning... There's a large crocodile that inhabits the temple grounds... Unfortunately the missus got chomped... I'll probably miss her but at least the bikes safe IMG_20170719_092830.
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  13. OK guys enough for now... Partly because I'm lazier than a pet Possum, party because Leo and partly because if I play my cards right the missus may be up for a bit of holiday romance... Aka... 90 seconds of hedonistic pleasure followed by semi drunken post long ride coma.
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  14. Hahaha... nice one...
  15. A magic start & ripper report & magic.
    You're obviously having fun & enjoying yourself.
    I hope you don't get too wet in the process because it has been a good "normal" wet season so far.
    Look me up when you get in the North. Swing by the X-Centre - I live 5 minutes away.
  16. Alright blokes... I have been slacking off... I could blame shitty internet connections etc etc but really it's just me being lazy

    From Ranong we headed upto PKK... Ended up somewhere between PKK and Hua Hin... The place we ended up staying at can best be described as a Ladyboys wet dream.... Everything was painted pink.... Even the bloke who works there told me he hated it... And ironically was called Pink Power... for fuck sake I said to the missus but it was 500bht a night and not a soul around. Lady down the road boiled water for me to have cup noodles and god bless her the fridge had some lovely cold Leos just waiting to sacrifice themselves IMG_20170720_083540. IMG_20170719_174011. IMG_20170719_174119. IMG_20170720_075922.

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