Kaeng Krachan, Sam Roi Yot around Hua Hin

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  1. There are some nice rides out of Hua Hin up into the hills near the Burma border and I don't see any write ups on the site. Kaeng Krachan national park is huge and made up of hills and lakes and all kinds of good stuff. There are some empty roads through the hills with good bends.

    It would be nice to be able to ride up to Phanoen Thung...... But you can't because for some inexplicable reason motorcycles are banned from going up the mountain.... But gas guzzling 4x4s and pick ups are fine apparently..... Not sure why... But its a pity because it looks great.

    Around Kaeng Krachan reservoir is beautiful and some great roads through the hills. You head West from the highway on the 3499 and then once you hit the hills and the lake head out onto the sideroads. I got lost on the north side where I came across well surfaced roads through good scenery and cold beer overlooking the water.

    The other place worth a potter is the coastal bit around Pranburi. Going South of Hua Hin turn left at Pranburi and then follow the signs to Sam Roi Yot National park. The park is a marine affair..... But the roads around go through areas of huge limestone outcrops not unlike on the road to Pai or Mai Chau in north Vietnam. Very impressive. The sea is just 1/2 km away, so its a nice combination.

    Petchaburi is nice as well..... Not unlike Lampang in feel.

    All this is within a hop of Bangkok. A good combination of routes would be to head for the Kanchanaburis/Sai Yok/Sanghlaburi area..... Then head south through Ratchaburi to Kaeng Kratchan.
  2. I once asked the question about bikes in National Parks.

    If it is one of the main and well visited parks they normally allow bikes. The less visited parks have less rangers and maintenance staff and the parks along the Burma border still have plentiful numbers of wild life including elephants and tigers. So basically it is a safety issue.
  3. Leaving Bangkok by motorcycle does suck...... But there is that great feeling of relief when you finally get off that choked highway full of murderous pickups idiots driving buses swathed in fumes and emerge on a reasonably empty road...... The best route out is up Ramkaemeheng on the 304 (?) through to Chachaengsao. Going south on Rama II sucks to high heaven until you get past Mahachai...... Once on the road to Phetchaburi it's actually very nice.

    The national park thing is a drag. Khao Yai and up north seems to be no problem. In fact having driven all over Thailand on a motorcycle this is the first time I have come across a no bikes rule.......
  4. I just had it pointed out that Sam Roi Yot translates as '300 peaks'....... Which certainly sums up the attraction of the area!
  5. Rama II is another highway where bikes are restricted to the pothole-ridden frontage road.
    As with the Bang Na-Trat highway, this can be overcome by opening the throttle and staying in the far right lane. Police rarely want to dash across 3 lanes of fast moving traffic to stop you.
  6. Are they?...... I often see many bikes off the frontage and often ride off the frontage on both Rama II and Bang Na Trat........ Not stopped so far but maybe its just a question of time. Some of the big highways seem to sign bikes off the main road and others don't. Either way Bang Na Trat is a nightmare till after Chonburi which is now fixed up and very fast and Rama II is awful until after that left turn on the junction for Ratchaburi and Nakkon Pathom. Really horrible.
  7. Is it possible to rent bigger bikes in Hua hin? Maybe a Super 4 or a 250 trail bike?
  8. Down near the sofitel I saw some bigger bikes. Head straight down from the station on Damnoen Kasem. Just before you get to the beach and on the opposite side from the entrance to the Sofitel (left side of the road) I saw some bigger bikes for rent. I think they may have been American type touring bikes, but I didn't look closely. They might have more.

    Its a small town so you shouldn't have any problem finding the place.
  9. Sam Roi Yot beach:


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