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  1. Ratchapreuk Resort
    A place not recommended!

    the luck of the game.
    Selected & booked via booking.com
    The photos always look ok = good enough
    parking perfect fort the car

    Room looks ok for 500 baht

    Aircon. Tv. Fridge. Hot water.

    Grubby bathroom

    the bed was shocking. Ancient & both of us had a sore backin the morning.
    There was no remote for the aircon & it was set on the coldest setting = we froze during the night.
    There was only a trickle of water for the shower.
    Unfortunately we arrived late, checked in, then went straight out to meet a friend, returning at midnight to discover all the short comings in the early hours.
    We did get our 600 baht key /room deposit back.
    However I would never rcommend this place to anyone.
    Even the google map location was wrong, suggesting it was much closer in town, rather on the outskirts.

    There must be superior options for Kalasin, if anyone has any - please.

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  2. Kranuan on R2039 the "Khon Kaen - Kalasin"" road, sort of.

    The T&D Resort
    GTR- IMG_0380.JPG

    A convenient spot in the middle of Nakhon Nowhere.
    GTR- IMG_0377.

    Aircon hot water. Private bungalows.
    GTR- IMG_0367.JPG

    Basic, but smart & clean - everything works.
    GTR- IMG_0369.JPG

    400 baht a night.
    GTR- IMG_0374.

    GTR- IMG_0376.

    The google Maps location
    Google Maps
  3. Kalasin City
    The Supak Hotel, a classic old hotel
    GTR- IMG_0455.JPG

    old style.
    GTR- IMG_0386.JPG

    Smart & clean. Air con hot water. TV Fridge.
    GTR- IMG_0387.JPG

    Reasonable sized bathroom, although the water pressure was not brilliant. But everything worked.
    GTR- IMG_0388.JPG

    A convenient location.
    Central down town.
    No under cover parking or elevators = you may have to hike up the stairs to get the 400 baht rooms.

    Google maps location
    Google Maps

    Contact Details

    and the beauty of the Supak is the bright clean modern super cool aircon coffee shop
    GTR- IMG_0459.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0460.JPG

    check it out sometime.

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