Kanchanaburi-hellfire Pass- Sangkhlaburi November 2016

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    the 323 all the way.

    absolutely beautiful all the way. arrived at Hellfire Pass at 08:30. Good timing. The museum did not open until 09:00. so walked the trail first. by the time got back the museum was open. toured that. came out and then all the minivans and buses started to arrive. good i got to see it before it was busy.

    sangkhlaburi beautiful. went to the mon bridge. not expecting to take a boat tour. took the tour with 5 other thais as a group ended up being 100baht for at least an hour excursion. well worth it. just being on the water. a good night market in the middle of town

    3 pagoda was nothing like i expected. i thougt it would be a very busy border town. nothing what so ever. unless its happening in the AM

    15036496_10154089913610098_6196295992118883780_n. 15073517_10154089909790098_3692259559642546273_n. 15073572_10154089910670098_4169814941001027628_n. 15078604_10154089909160098_3595723394524176501_n. 15085531_10154089917020098_3309473871791398646_n. 15094905_10154089914080098_1639110051091565499_n. 15094933_10154089916460098_329248176256093195_n. 15107307_10154089914430098_1679812331264564928_n. 15179119_10154089917740098_3799714882740811235_n. 15181432_10154089915155098_126190933992354156_n. 15181475_10154089915935098_7955931470817601320_n. 15181593_10154089911205098_5119173594300236269_n.
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