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  1. Hi All,

    Quick update on Kasi accommodation we stayed in last trip.

    Not bad and you have a good choice of food from about three restaurants.

    The woman running the biggest restaurant was a bit of a task master and the kids would all go quiet when she was around.

    The rooms in the main building at the back with concrete parking space out front were 80,000 kip,
    Never asked about the bungalows..

    Somchit Restaurant and Guest House
    Sign from the road.. In the north of Kasi.


    View from the road.. no paved car park until you ride up to the right hand side to the right of the palm tree..


    The building we slept in.




    Restaurant area



    Secure parking inside the restaurant.


    Initially we were told to park the bikes around the back in a very secure fenced off court yard..
    I guess due to the amount of beer and food we had the dragon lady decided we could park the bikes inside.

    Hope this helps anyone looking for good and clean accommodation / food in Kasi.

  2. Stopped in one of the bungalows last December @ 100K kip, looks like she has a nice new sign out front, nice place with entertainment available.
  3. Yeah, the dragon lady who runs the place is a bit of a sour puss and keeps the girls on a short leash, but the dogs sure are cute and friendly ;)


    The upside is, the restaurant (really a collection of restaurants) are some of the cleanest I've ever seen in rural Laos. We ate and slept quite well in Kasi :)

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