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  1. Hi Lads

    What is your opinion of Kawasaki 1400GTR what Red Baron is selling?
    intresting looking bike, how ever service might be difficult for it and so fort.
    havent seen them on the road so much.

    Your opinion about it?
  2. IMHO, too big, too much power for here, too much hassle to service reliably. Best get yourself something like an XR650R if you want big fun or if it was possible an old 350LC Yammie stroker - now that would be a ripper of a bike to have here!


  3. Hi Pikey

    Well too big is good for me as im big lad,,, 190cm110kg,, so it that respect it should be good, what im more concern is the service for it,,
    As I’m based in Ubon, i know the service centres would far far away, but that would give me reason to drive,,,but where is closest for Isaan or do i need to drive Pattayabkk for it.. :wink: :p

    I have had assembled 2nd hand bikes in LOS and i want to have reliability finally and just drive and not always bringing my tool box with me while going for cruising, so dos Kawasaki provide reliability in TH? :?:
  4. marco,

    is good bike more power n speed good for people have big size body and always travelled.in good road not combodia..
    petrol is economy :D in malaysian cos u about rm98k
  5. Marco

    you want to send Joko an email his friend just rode a gtr up from KL to CNX, only a couple weeks old I think he was impressed with it.

    They left CNX at 5am and got to Chumpon at 5pm
  6. Check out the Kawasaki Concours forum - stacks of opinion and reports there on the 1400gtr. FWIW, I would be inclined to wait for the next model year as it should give Kawasaki the time to iron out some of the initial glitches. I have also read that some of the routine maintenance tasks are very difficult on this model even where specialized tools are available which would be a tad worrying in Thailand.
  7. Hi Barry and Thnx for droping the note

    I have read those but did not find one from LOS commenting anything, meaning driving and servicing in TH.

    My other option is BMW R1150RT,,,as i cant get Honda Goldwing 1800CC in reasonable price in Thailand

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