Kawasaki 250 D-tracker for sale

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  1. Kawasaki D-tracker X 250cc in excellent condition.
    One farang owner from new (I have the Green book), approx. 24,000 Km's.
    The bike has around 10,000 Baht worth of extras fitted: 'fruity' exhaust, LED indicators & luggage rack. I will also supply the original exhaust & indicators.
    This bike has only been used for touring, mostly in the North of Thailand and has been well maintained. Any questions please ask, thank you.
    The bike is located in Pattaya.
    I will email some pics upon request, thank you.
    Price 95,000 Baht ono. Please call 0892192484 or email: [email protected]
  2. I think someone still thinks there still abroad! 70k for a dtracker well i must admit i havent seen them go for that price looks like Bikesncats is in the market for a cheap dtracker?
  3. ^ assume that is a typo? Honda quit making the XL250 in the 90's...
  4. How do you know how old the D-tracker is? 3 years old and a mere 25000km equals 50% depreciation? Not in Thailand mate. Your recent comments on second hand bike valuations have been far off the mark. In another thread you seem to think that a CRF250L and CRF450R are the same thing...
  5. FWIW
    I have been doing a lot of new and used market research on another good "2nd" hand bike over the last several months as I am undecided on buying another brand new one or a very good 2nd hand one

    My factual conclusion is that the vast majority of good falang owned, green book legal, service history bikes with or without some good mods (not just cosmetic mods) like good exhaust, suspension, tires etc they are all only loosing at best 25% of RRP <3 year old

    If the sale is urgent or a fire/moving sale, then you may get one cheaper but it is rare and more so only in the "rural / country areas" as Bangkok prices are always prime for "good", legal used bikes

    Some high end and expensive bikes like Ducati, KTM, Triumph, BMW and Harley lose a shite load lot more than the local Kawasaki's and Honda's etc...I have seen many examples of bikes like these < 3 year old sell up to 50% off their original RRP.

    As always the maximum price any bike (or anything) is worth is what a serious cash buyer is willing to pay for it...not a dollar more or less


  6. Still think your way off and havent seen a dtracker 250 going for 70k yet ?
    If you do get one give me a shout when your ready to sell it as I like your prices and if you sell in another 2 years it would be cheaper to buy than a honda wave!
  7. Doing a quick search on bathsold, mocyc and dtrackerthailand I found that most of the models were priced around 100k, the cheapest was 80k and models "as new" with very few K range from 115 to 125k, the thing is that there is plenty to choose from.

    Not saying that yours is overpriced or anything, just saying that yes there is more and more 2nd hand bikes to choose from, especially on the 250 segment, so its seems normal that the prices are going down and will continue to do so since more and more bikes will fill the 2nd hand market, I do agree somehwat on what bikesncat is saying..

    There is also the fact that grey bikes are disapearing, even the prices of rarer models went down quite a lot in the past 2 years, you can now find a good condition AT for less than 200k while 350k was a price considered as normal few years ago.

    Some Honda 250 CRF are selling for incredibly cheap these days, while it does not match the quality of the kwacker IMHO its still a very nice and reliable bike.
  8. There's no such thing... loco
  9. What the heck is an "MBike200"?? Doesn't exist on Google...

    Comparing cheap no-name Chinese crap to quality Japanese is really apples and oranges, wouldn't you agree? :mrgreen:
  10. Tony, i think the "Mbike 200" refers to the TX 200 from keeway ...here a link: http://www.keeway-thailand.com/products/tx-200/
  11. You might be right. Problem is, this bikes and cats fellow keeps getting his models mixed up and keeps talking about bikes that don't exist. That and the fact that his comments on second hand prices are so far off the mark make it a bit hard to take him seriously... :roll:

    As an aside, why oh why doesn't Keeway come up with a different brand name for Thailand?! We all know what Kee means... spin.gif
  12. Did Bulshy ever sell his KLX? It seems every bike that gets advertised on here either ends in a dick measuring contest or shit flinging fiasco???? I would have bought it for the price, fair price and good luck with the sale Bulshy.
  13. Are you high? :confused:
  14. Get it through your thick skull:

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A D-tracker 175!

    High or certifiable... loco

    Taiwan, Republic of CHINA isn't Chinese... :think::lol-sign:

    (Granted, ROC quality is generally better than PRC)

    But I have to wonder, where are the MBike dealers in Thailand? What kind of warranty do you get? If its such a great bike why'd you sell it already?
  15. crackhead
    You either need new glasses or you've gone soft in the brain.

  16. here is the current kawasaki model line-up in thailand : http://www.kawasaki.co.th/th/motorcycle.asp
    none of their bikes has a 175cc displacement ....if you modify it to become 175 cc thats another story but officially there is no klx or dtx 175 .
  17. here is the current kawasaki model line-up in thailand : http://www.kawasaki.co.th/th/motorcycle.asp
    none of their bikes has a 175cc displacement ....if you modify it to become 175 cc thats another story but officially there is no klx or dtx 175 .

    pls remove - double post
  18. So that answers my question, you are Sir, are most defiantly high.

    D-tracker - there is a 125, a 150 and a 250. KLX - there is a 110, 125, 140, 150 and a 250. There has never been a 175 made here or in what ever planet you come from. If you do find a 175 KLX/D-Tracker I'd quite happily buy one. I work with motorbikes nearly every day here (mainly Kawasaki) so I'm quite confident I know what I'm talking about.

    In regards to your previous comments about getting out and riding more and not sitting in front of a keyboard... That's funny... Check out the ride reports and trip reports. Tonybkk probably spends more time on the road (be it here in Thailand or touring America) than anyone I've ever met.

    Bikesncats- no disrespect meant but you seem to be in another world, what you bought and sold your bike for goes against what you have been trying to preach to us about the Thailand bike market, you have no idea of what is and isn't manufactured where and no idea of what is currently on sale.

    Peace ✌️
  19. I wholeheartedly agree with bikesncats - prices for used bikes have been tumbling and there are unbelievably good deals to be made!
    I recently test rode a two-year old Forza 250 scooter with only 20K km and almost bought it for 80K but I don't like bikes made in Korea.
    Saw an ad for a Honda GPZ250 for a real good price but I'm waiting for the 350 to come out. Honda's prices are falling because they are offering too many bikes, since they introduced the 2014 CB600R four-cylinder people are giving away their CB450 triples. Some even put a CB500 sticker on their bikes so they sell for a better price!
    Some Honda shops took upon themselves to switch CRF450 parts onto a normal CRF500 and sell it as CRF500. TIT afterall aint'it...
  20. did you mean Kawasaki Z 250?
  21. Oh dear, another genius talking about bikes that don't exist... Surely you are taking the piss? :wink:

    Honda GPZ250??!? :lol-sign:

    Perhaps you meant to say Kawasaki GPz250, in which case you are talking about an antique-

    CB450??!? Honda stopped manufacturing that bike back in 1974! Oh, and as far as I know it was NEVER a triple. Wonder what bike you are thinking of...
    I think it will take a bit more than a CB500 sticker to fool people into thinking they are one and the same ;)

    CRF450 and CRF500, perhaps you are talking about the 2-stroke mx bikes? CR450R perhaps?

    Never sold here, impossible to plate, tho there might be some old grey market ones knocking about...
  22. As an aside, and before this silly thread gets locked, I'm gutted that instead of attending the Memorial Ride for Alan at Baan Ricky this weekend I'm instead laid up in bed with a nasty strep infection.

    I never get tired of talking about bikes tho, and debunking clowns like bikecat and KZ is certainly quite amusing.

    Thanks for the laughs :mrgreen:
  23. we need some more models in this thread ..

    KTM R1200GS
    BMW Superduke 1290 R
    Triumph Sportster 883
    Harley 1199 Panigale
    Ducati Bonneville

  24. Yeah, as long as they're not made in North Korea....

    Sorry, bulshy, for messing up your sales ad, it was just too tempting! 95K sounds like a decent price to me, good luck selling it!
  25. Not really - some people are easily fooled!

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