Kawasaki 250 D-tracker KLX manuals / parts for sale

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    Having just sold my 250 D-tracker I now have the following parts for sale:

    Genuine Kawasaki Service Manual in Mint condition P/N: 99924-1392-02 (price new 4,000 Baht) for sale at 2,000 Baht.

    Genuine Kawasaki Owners Manual in English, French & German Mint Condition P/N: 99976-1343 (price new around 300 Baht) for sale at 150 Baht.

    Genuine Kawasaki Head Cover ('Rocker cover') Gasket (New in sealed bag) P/N: 11060-1318 (price new 425 Baht) for sale at 200 Baht.

    Please call 0892192484 or email [email protected]

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