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  1. Mityon store at Junction of pattaya 3rd road and Pattaya Tai has kawasaki ZXR250 sports bikes and 250 and 650 dirt bikes in stock now.
  2. Yeah, New 650 Dirt Bikes??? Sign me up i will be down to Pick one up ASAP :D
  3. they had 6 GPZ 250 sports green meanies in stock 130,000 baht a couple of 25 dirt bikes and aa single 650 but i did not get the prices on them. all brand new.
  4. I will go and ask on Monday when i feel better ..I have a really bad chest cold.
  5. HI

    I went there already yesterday but there was no 650 there only plenty of 250 Kawasakis. When asking when they get the 650 they said early next year and I think that he mentioned the ER6N not the KLR650. I think that they will have problem getting it homologated, Does anyone know if the KLR650 is for sale in California or not? That is normally the "thumb rule" whether it will pass Thai homologation or not. When you see all the smoking buses and stinking pick-ups all over Thailand it seems a little strange that "new motorcycles" should do the air cleaning job.....

  6. that clear that up then.. when I asked the girl told me one of the dirt bikes was a hok roi harsip.....''doh''

    as to the difficult .homolugation of big bikes I reckon is just Thai anal bureaucracy and an argument to extract fees (tea money) for homologation ...of bikes that have already passed the most stringent Japanese, EU and USA standards.

  7. Mityon Pattaya have been selling these bikes for a while now. I could have bought one 7 weeks back but I had to go to work.
    I purchased a KLX250 2 weeks ago. At that stage they said they sold 40 assorted 250s to date. Other word was they were building a Kawasaki showroom on Sukhumvit South Pattaya next to the police station. There would be some 'bigger' bikes (maybe the Vulcan?).
    Regarding performance upgrades I visited the Dirt Shop in Bangkok a couple of days ago. Bai has sold 20 exhausts (not sure what brand) at around 20000 baht each. He said a Power Commander will be available at some stage.
    I bought a set of alloy bars (unheard of 'Pazzaz' brand - decent alloy thickness) which fitted OK. I was aware of the problems Ian in Chiang Mai had with new bars. I drilled a small recess in the bar - not right through! - and partly filed the pegs in the plastic fittings.

  8. As the Pattaya Mityon store has 250's and reportedly will have more 650's, I went to the shop yesterday to inquire if they will be bringing in the KLX400 (same as Suzuki DRZ400).
    They had no knowledge of their having the KLX400 in the future; has anyone inquired about this model at the Kawasaki BKK offices?

    As I want a DRZ, I thought it might be better and _maybe_ less expensive getting a new KLX (with a warranty) rather than a used and expensive near new licensed DRZ. Maybe tht's just wishful thinking on my part.. :?
  9. I am hoping parts will become available to boost the output of the klx250. I had an unmodified TTR250 for a few years, and it was faster than the klx. I got it up to 130kph on the highway without much problem, a very 'willing' engine (basically rode it flat offroad and had a lot of fun!). The klx is struggling over 100 kph on the highway though it far more sophisticated offroad - excellent suspension with decent front forks. I believe the 22hp quoted by Kawasaki Thailand is true. Anyone got a dyno tester? I found a 1997 klx250 manual online which is useful as many parts are simular, which quotes the following for some of the models

    KLX250-D1, D2, D3, D4
    4-stroke, DOHC, 1-cylinder
    Cooling system
    Liquid - cooled
    Bore and stroke
    72.0 x 61.2 mm
    249 mL
    Compression ratio
    Maximum horsepower
    23.5 KW(32 PS) @8500 r/min(rpm)
    (US) 22.4 KW (30.5 PS) @8500 r/min (rpm)

    Maximum torque
    26.5 N-m(2.7 kg-m, 19.5 ft-lb) @7500 r/min(rpm), (US) 25.3 N-m (2.6 kg-m, 19.0 ft-lb) @7500 r/min (rpm)
    Carburetion system
    Carburetor, KEIHIN CVK32

    So over 30hp is not impossible. Need to get to work on this bike!!!

  10. the klx250 is a moped on the road......wind it up though and it can be fun doing motard style cornering.

    offroad I find the power ample, and with the suspension dialed in, it handles like a motocrosser.
  11. The Kawa website mentions that the "KLX 250SF" aka D-Tracker X in Thailand is passing emissions tests in CA, but doesn't mention the same for the 650.

    However, I am seeing both 450 and 650s for sale new here, so I'd think that yes, they pass:
    http://www.cycletrader.com/find/search- ... Year:DESC/

    The other thing is taxes. I'd like to have definite word on taxes on bikes. The 250s were available this year for a very good price - 150K is less than MSRP in the USA - because taxes were cut for that category. I'd like to know the schedule - which size bikes get cut to which tax and when - they are all supposed to come down but there's got to be a time table somewhere....
  12. This is an old thread but maybe someone can talk about the Mityon store. I want to get Versys from them. Good idea? I have been warned by local traffic office about green books from Pattaya, are Mityon safe?
  13. I bought a Vulcan there a year ago, Green Books was fine...
  14. Thanks Rideagain.

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