Kawasaki D-Tracker 250

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  1. Kawasaki D-Tracker 250. Very original. No modifications except for removal of the factory decals. Very good condition. Needs nothing. Taxed and insured until Dec 2012.
    16611 KM's. All maintenance performed at Kawasaki dealership. All maintenance is up to date. Tires, chain are in good condition. Original tool kit intact. 99,000 Baht.


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  2. what year? why do you sell it? I got an Atwin too. - but too heavy in the CNX traffic...

    PS bought the varadero from you yrs ago!
  3. As with all bikes I have owned I don't want to sell it, but since I have bought it in 2009 it has accumulated only 500 KM by me and 1300 by a friend that rode it the long way from BKK to my new house in CNX. I have 3 bikes here at my house and not enough time or space for them all. Its a great bike but it is just sitting and depreciating. So off to the market she goes. The greenbook says its a 2008 model.
  4. I am interested in your D-tracker. I stay in Chiang Mai not too far from airport. Send me a private message if you have not sold the bike.
  5. PM is not turned on in your profile. My number is 0808186306

  6. Sorry for not having PM's set up. MY number is 085 036 7185. I'm still interested. I tried calling you but no answer in morning.

  7. Sold to BC River Rider ! Thanks !!
  8. Thanks Chris, I know I will be happy with the bike as long as I keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down. Cheers, mate.
  9. I'm loving the bike so far, Chris. Thanks again for a fair and reasonable deal. I just have to add a storage rack on the back and I'll be set to go for longer trips.

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